PNC Bank Login problems using 1Password on my MacBook Pro

Not sure why the problem but at the login page for PNC Bank
the Program just does not login


  • Hi @kjkary‌

    We may need a little more information I'm afraid. I can create a login that works for at least the first page but as I'm not a customer that's as far as I can get.

    General suggestions, especially with banks, usually include the guides for Saving a Login Manually & Creating a multi-page Login. I'm not suggesting that's all we can do to support you, but as I say it's tough with so little to go on. It might be that somebody here has an account with PNC and if they do they may be able to offer some better guidance.

  • I called PNC and was informed that they know 1Password is incompatible.

  • Did they go into any detail @jconnor?

  • No. Customer Service called their IT Dept. They know the problem is long-standing.

    Frankly, this was one of two of my accounts I most wanted protected. Unless it is fixed in 6 months I will not renew Password1.

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    That's very strange that they would say that, @jconnor. I have a PNC Bank account and have been logging in to it using 1Password for years now. I just did it again now to confirm that it didn't stop working overnight. :)

    I'm sure we can get things working as well for you as they are for me.

    1. Open the main 1Password app.
    2. Choose File > New Item > Login from the menu bar.
    3. Enter your username and password.
    4. Enter in the website field.
    5. Click the "Save" button to confirm everything.

    That Login item should work to correctly fill your credentials on the first page in the Login process at PNC. You can either select it with your mouse from 1Password mini (i.e. the 1Password button in your browser's toolbar) or use the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut.

    Then, on the second page that asks for your password, so the same thing: use your mouse or the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut to fill your password.

    If you're still having trouble, can you let me know exactly which step you are stuck on? I'd love to provide more specific assistance with some more details.


  • jconnorjconnor
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    Appreciate your attempt to help. Followed your steps as far as possible.

    Let me be clear.

    1. What is the MAIN app? I have a button on my Mac toolbar "1Password 5" Is that it? No problem opening it.
    2. Cannot find "file " tab on it anywhere. What I do is use the "+" button on it to start the process. Tap "logins"
      3 -5 . Followed these steps. tap PNC symbol.
    3. no luck. brings up a new PNC page. No fill-in.
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    Hi @jconnor,

    It sounds like the problem began in step 1. Everything else hinges on that. :)

    The main 1Password app is the one you launch from either your Applications folder or the Dock (where you launch your other apps):

    It looks like this when you open and unlock it:

    However, it does sound like you are using an old version of the 1Password browser extension (and possibly an old version of the main app as well) if there is a + button in the extension.

    Can you tell me which version of the main 1Password app you have installed? And also which version of the 1Password extension you have installed? The filling trouble you are experiencing may be related to the old version you are using if it's something we fixed in a more recent version.

  • Okay, what you called the "main app" is my one-and-only app, as pictured above.

    I followed your instructions to the "t", but all that happens is that PNC's login page appears and nothing gets filled.

    Even worse, after downloading Version 5.3.2 a couple of days ago, I am now unable to use the login feature for 80% of my 35-45 previously coded addresses!

    What the H***? Can I go back to the 5.3.1 edition?

    Finally, I don't want to insult you, but it is pretty obvious that there IS a plus button on the bottom center of unlocked 1Password. I found that this button saves one click in "adding" (seems intuitive, no?) a login or any other feature. Why bother with "File..."?

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    Can you please tell me which version of the 1Password browser extension you have installed? The extension is what actually handles the filling. Here again are the steps for finding the extension version:


  • 1Password: Password Manager and Secure Wallet

  • PS. Should the 1password extension be enabled?

  • Khad: Good news. After enabling the extension (Was this part of the set-up steps? I don't remember being asked) AND restarting, my 1Password is now logging in to 90% of my items. Sorry to report that AMEX and PNC are the only ones that do not work.

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    Hi @jconner,

    By default all browsers enable newly installed extensions, you certainly shouldn't have to be manually doing so. I might have missed it but I don't think you've mentioned what browser you use. I know that a certain update for Safari disabled all installed extensions at the time but they informed the user that this was happening.

    With the extension now enabled it sounds like you're confirming that PNC still does not work. Does this mean that khad's post from above still doesn't work for you? I'm sure @khad is still willing to assist as a fellow PNC customer if it's required.

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