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Hello, American Airlines and US Airways changed their login system this weekend. It now requires a username, last name, and password. 1Password puts the username in the last name field and leaves the user name blank.



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    Hi @rfc1918,

    Thanks so much for letting us know about these changes so quickly - you are awesome :)

    The good news is that saving a new login manually with all three fields filled out will fill properly.

    I have also fixed filling previously saved logins so that the username field is filled into the correct field. This should be available in an upcoming beta of 1Password.

    Thanks again for helping make 1Password better!

  • Logging in to aa.com and telling 1Password to save as new will save both username and last name but they will be cross saved. As described above, 1Password puts the username in the last name field, but also puts the last name in the username field. This is repeatable if using save as new. Might happen if choosing update existing as well but I'm not sure. Tried that 1st and it failed to login saw it messed up and tried above. Manually editing the webform and swaping the entries to their correct position AS WELL as changing the icon for the username to be on the username field and not the last name field works to login when invoked.

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    Thanks for the additional info @Hawkwind!

    That is quite strange! It shouldn't be swapping the values when saving - I can't seem to be able to reproduce that behaviour here. Which version of 1Password are you using, and which version of the 1Password extension?

  • rfc1918rfc1918
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    I was able to save a new login and everything is working for me.

    Although both websites use the same login credentials, I did have to save two new separate 1Password logins due to differences in the forms. [edit- I have to do this because a single login item will transpose the fields when used on the alternate website] So, my new aa.com 1Password login works and my new usairways.com 1Password login also works.

    It's shame we can't link two 1Password login items together. It only matters now I am saving other information in 1Password like security questions. I have to re-create all of those fields in the new login item because I can't link records or copy/paste/move individual fields.

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    The Homepage login and the Login Page login on AA don't work with the same set of saved form details. Saving one tags the account number as the username and the other tags the last name as the username. Not ideal. If you try to autofill with the wrong one it will not work.

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    Hey @rfc1918,

    Thanks for confirming saving new logins do work for you!

    You are correct, however - currently you will need to save two separate login items for aa.com and usairways.com. Since the login forms on each site are a bit different under the hood, 1Password isn't able to properly fill all the fields with one item on the other site. Perhaps in the future now that these two airlines have merged, they may decide to have a single website, which would require only a single login item. We can always hope :)

    You are also correct Jeff, similarly the login page of aa.com uses a different form under the hood to that on their homepage. This means that we aren't able to fully fill all the fields with an item created on the other page, and resort to only filling the username and password.

    This is a pretty tricky edge case to fix actually, but we do have some ideas here. I can't promise we will get to them soon though, as they do require some pretty substantial changes. But know that we are thinking about them! :)

    In them meantime, you can either have two login items saved (maybe name one "AA - Home Page" and "AA - Login Page"), or always log in from one of the two pages. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this causes, but hopefully that will work for now.

    Thanks again for all your help diagnosing these sites!

  • Thanks for your help.

  • I tried manually saving the 3 part password, but it did not work. Only saves 2 parts. This does not work now.

  • Do you mean that you created a new 1Password login automatically? With the latest version of 1Password on Mac, I was able to create a new login that works for both aa.com and usairways.com. The extra part is saved under "web form details". Also, don't save the login from the main home page of aa.com. Goto the main login page: https://www.aa.com/login/optionalLoginAccess.do

  • Thank you rfc1918. That worked. Yeah!

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    Hi @puzzleduser ,

    It's great to hear that @rfc1918 was able to help you get things sorted out! I hope 1Password fills perfectly for you on other sites, but you know where to find us if you notice anything else wonky. :)

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    I was experiencing the same problem and was able to resolve it using "Save New Login." For some reason, "Update Existing Login" does not solve the problem! In any case, issue has been resolved for me too!


  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @gkgriffith,

    At the moment Update existing Login works in a very specific way and sadly it doesn't record and update the same information that Save new Login does. We do have a ticket regarding this as I too would like to see Update existing Login capture all the new information. The next step is to make sure such a feature doesn't have any significant adverse effect. I hope we can see this at some point in the future.

    I'm glad to hear saving a new login worked though and that you're up and running once again :smile:

    ref: OPM-2708

  • @meek:

    I'm using Mac OSX 10.10.2 with 1Password 5, Version 5.1 (510035), Agile Web Store, Firefox ESR 31.5.3 with 4.2.5 Extension

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    Hi @Hawkwind,

    So I can replicate your findings, in 1Password 5.1 for Mac with even the 4.3.1 extension, if you use our How to manually save a Login guide the username and last name get mixed up in the recording, in other words 1Password mistakes the last name for the username. Now when I attempt to fill in this Login though it still fills in each part correctly for me, it's just it's not guessed correctly which item better constitutes the username. To correct it though all I did was alter which field was designated as the username and it corrected everything on save. So I changed


    and the visible username field at the top adjusted itself with no intervention on my part. It takes a little getting used to altering which web form detail is the username and password and what happens when you save - it tripped me up repeatedly.

    Now I also tested in our 5.3 beta and I can happily report that even that small adjustment won't be needed as the new filling logic gets it all right the first time - no editing required :smile: 1Password 5.3 for Mac will hopefully be available soon. I know we're excited and I hope you will be too :smile:

    As a quick aside, you may want to solely use the following page for aa.com


    That way you know the entire page is encrypted instead of submitting your login details on an insecure page that is then sent over a secure channel. The difference? it comes down to the ability to inject scripts into a http page so if possible you're always better using the secure page (if it exists).

  • The aa.com homepage and the aa login page both have 3 form fields (loginId, lastName, password). I saved my aa.com password by filling out the form on https://www.aa.com/login/loginSubmit.do, and I am able to autofill on that page now. Great! But if I go to the aa.com home page and try to autofill, it misses the loginId field, and puts my saved loginId into the lastName field. Why on earth is this happening? My 1password app shows the form fields correctly (correct key/value for loginId,lastName,password when I click "show web form details"). 1password has all of the correct data for each input field. The website has all of the same input fields on both pages. It really does not make any sense as to why it cannot correctly fill this field.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @mikemonaco,

    I've taken a peek at the two pages and here are my findings.

    Despite what may seem logical, the HTML field IDs for the three relevant forms are different between http://www.aa.com/homePage.do and https://www.aa.com/login/loginSubmit.do

    On http://www.aa.com/homePage.do the IDs are:

    1. loginForm.loginId
    2. loginForm.lastName
    3. loginForm.password

    while on https://www.aa.com/login/loginSubmit.do they are:

    1. aa-loginForm.loginId
    2. aa-loginForm.lastName
    3. pwd

    The IDs are what we can guarantee will be unique, at least for a single page while the name doesn't have this guarantee. We show the field name in 1Password for readability reasons.

    As the IDs differ 1Password has to fall back on guessing what goes where and when it does that it will only attempt to fill in the username and password. When pages match up properly then it fills in all of the details in the web form details section.

    So it means I can't see a way where you can have a single Login item that fills in both of those URLs properly. Using How to manually save a Login I can create a single Login item that will work on either of those pages but as I say, not both. Does that help explain those two pages and how 1Password interacts with them?

  • I'm glad to see the trick of saving a new login versus editing an old and that the homepage differs from the loginSubmit.do page. And that USAirways is probably the same way. Just out of curiosity, has AgileBits ever reached out to aa.com Web Services? Between having a 3-field login process and inconsistent identifiers, they're certainly not making it easy on us.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @ethomp,

    I don't think we have. That isn't to say we haven't but I suspect we concentrate on trying to improve our rules of thumb to simply work for as many sites as possible. Even with how great 1Password is I'm not sure how much sway we might have. Then again there was this open letter to banks that seemed to have some small influence on TD Canada Trust after it was pointed out that a password the human brain can remember isn't as good as one that a password manager can store :wink:

    Sometimes I'm surprised. I look at Amazon's login page and I wonder why more places don't mimic that. It's nice and simple and more importantly the less going on the less there is to go wrong and surely that's a good thing? maybe it's because I'm not a web designer but surely KISS would seem to apply.

    Some sites do seem to make it tricky. There's another thread here for a another site and it turns out there's one login screen I've never seen and I don't know why. My understand is it pops up over an existing login window on the main page!

    Sometimes it may be the case of don't think about it too hard lest ye go mad!

  • Hi @littlebobbytables,

    Thanks for confirming that we can create login for either of the aa page, but not both.
    This way I won't even bother meddling with it anymore cuz this is obviously not 1Password's problem.
    Using different value id for the logically identical field on different pages is a lousy design issue with AA.

    Thanks for helping your users!

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    Using different value id for the logically identical field on different pages is a lousy design issue with AA.

    @vicjang: To be fair, they probably aren't taking password managers into account. This won't affect their customers typing really bad passwords in manually...

    Hopefully we can improve 1Password's IQ a bit going forward so it can compensate for some of these shenanigans. In the mean time, using one or the other is a good workaround too. Thanks for your patience and understanding! :)

  • Hello, I'm having similar issues with logging into the AA.com site.

    What I have done. I have set up a manual log in where the inputs are: AA #, last name, and password. The URL is https://www.aa.com/login/loginSubmit.do.

    What's the outcome? After I attempt to use 1P, the fields do get filled in, but I don't get signed in. Instead, I get sent to the original landing page https://www.aa.com/homePage.do, in which all the fields are blank, and I'm not signed in.

    My workaround. I have modified my login by changing the option in the "submit" field to "Never submit", and I'm manually sending the information by clicking the "Log in" button on AA.com site after my information gets filled in.

    It's not terrible, just an additional click

  • brentybrenty

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    @xtianc: Indeed, thanks for the tip! And I'll do you one better, having run into this issue myself: save yourself a click and just press Return. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty OK, so my workaround worked yesterday, and it's not working now. The LastName field does not populate anymore. What did I do wrong?

  • brentybrenty

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    @xtianc: Great Googley Moogley...

    You're right! I tested it with my own login just last night, and it worked for me too, so you're not losing your mind. There's good news though: I was able to get it working again simply by manually saving the login:

    Manually Save a Login Item

    Give that a try and let me know if it works for you too! :)

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