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I uses 1paassword with my new iwatch but I don't understand why only several informations of each data is visible on my watch. For example for a credit card data, my watch I can't see the pass code which is the important thing I want to display each time I uses my app !
How can I choose the data to print on iwatch screen ?


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    Hi @w3clic,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us.

    Credit Card items do not have a passcode (or password) by default. Do you mean the verification number (i.e. security code)? If so, that should be included. From our Security of 1Password for Apple Watch article, here is a list of the data that is included on Apple Watch:

    Of course, for any data you wish to include on Apple Watch, you can store it in a Secure Note. Secure Notes are freeform, so the contents are up to you.

    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. We are always here to help. :)


  • Thanks for your comment.

    In France, to use a credit card, you must enter a code on the keypad. This code would be interesting to have it on his watch.
    Similarly, we have bank cards for fuel. To use these cards, you must enter more codes (confidential, driver, car mileage) and it would be nice to have it on the screen of iWatch.
    This seems not to be possible and it is the reason why I bought this app and I had not seen that only parts of fields on each card will appear on the watch.
    For Secure Notes cards, it's the same things, it does not display on the watch the information entered in each form. I've tried, after your answer, to create a Note card with only one data. Nothing appears in my watch.

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    Hi @w3clic!

    We're looking to add more fields & category types to 1Password for Apple Watch in future updates. The credit card PIN field is a popular request, as are custom fields in Secure Notes. As we learn more about how people are wanting to use 1Password for Apple Watch, we're seeing how we can meet those desires.

  • Awesome, in my opinion would be the ideal for each card you can choose if the iWatch or not, but also for each field if it appears or not on the watch

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    @w3clic While that would indeed be ideal, that kind of granularity could get difficult to choose using the iOS app. That said, we're working on trying to find the best usage for everyone.

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