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Vault with this name is already enabled [temporary limitation]

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I have two vaults (opvault) one is for personal and one for work, when I want to switch from work vault to personal vault I cannot, I received msg "a vault with this name is already enable". Also when I want disable one vault and turn another the same message, so it is possible to change those names ?


  • DBrownDBrown
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    At this time, disabling a folder doesn't remove its Logins and other items from the internal database (the actual vault), which is why you're unable to add another with the same vault name. On the Settings > Vaults panel, click on the Vaults heading, and choose Remove disabled vaults. That'll clear the ones you've disabled from the internal database, so you can then enable a vault that has the same name as one you disabled.

    According to Dev, a future release will remove this limitation, though I don't have specific information about when such a change might be implemented.

    I hope that helps, @vvojtek. Let us know how it goes.

  • vvojtekvvojtek
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    Thanks for tip @DBrown its works, but I hope soon app will fully working on windows mobile... I switched from iphone and now i can only browse my data :(

  • DBrownDBrown
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    Yes, it's been read-only, so far, but that's due to change as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience!

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