Synapse/Report Issue with Website Option is missing from Plugin

1Password Version
1Password 5
Version 5.1 (510035)
Agile Web Store

OS: OS X 10.11
Browser: Safari 9

I don't know how to get the plugin version from the pluggin itself, but when I click on "install browser extension" in 1Pwd , it opens a web page to download it, and then version in the file name is 4.4.1.

I'm trying to report an issue using Synapse where whether I use autofill or not, blanks out the password field that 1Password filled in.

1Password Version: 5.1
Extension Version: 4.4.1
OS Version: 10.11
Sync Type: dropbox


  • Hi @komrad,

    I can't remember the precise version where we added the Report Website Issue but I think it was version 5.3 of 1Password for Mac. You're definitely running an up to date version of our extension (which does get updated independently of the main application) but you're running a slightly older version of the main application.

    What I would recommend is updating 1Password to 5.3.2, the latest AgileBits Store version and just as a quick check, try creating a brand new Login item for the page in question, using out How to manually save a Login guide to do so. The reason I suggest that is not only did we add this Report Website Issue feature we basically replaced the original filling logic with a new one. I'm not saying it's perfect but it's pretty impressive from my perspective. So creating a new Login item using the new filling logic may sort the page out for you.

    If not you can then report the issue (which you can also do if you have a problem filling an Identity or Credit Card) and you can also chat to us here in the forums. It might be we can figure out a workaround :smile:

    Let us know how you get along.

  • I will. I guess 1Password auto update and my OS X update from the app store has not updated the application you. I'll check the app version when I get home in about 16 hours.

  • I double checked that "check automatically for updates" was selected in preferences, but I was several versions behind. After I updated , I noted that the report website issue is now available!
    With that problem solved, I can focus on my issue with . It's an odd one where the credentials are filled, then I click on "login" . It clears the password text box.

    My work around is to copy/paste the password from 1Password into the password field and click on the login button. It works that way. I don't know what the difference is between my copy paste and 1Passwords method of filling the field, but I hope that we can figure it out!

  • Hi @komrad,

    As you posted the website I took a peek. Now the tricky part is because it's a bank we can't create an account for testing purposes and of course you're saying the issue isn't present until you click on the Log In button.

    Can you confirm something for me please. It might be it doesn't improve matters at all but if you create a new Login item using our How to manually save a Login guide does that help at all? If the page has changed at all it might be that something isn't right in the web form details any more despite the Login item looking okay. It's worth a shot and at the very least will help narrow down where the issue is.

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