Can't open vault created in 1Password for Windows

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I have my 1Pasword Vault residing happily on my Surface Pro's SSD in a special 1Password.agilekeychain folder. The Desktop client works great and fine. However, can't open the same vault in the Modern App, it keeps showing this odd error message that it's a bad vault format, where it's created by 1Password without any modification...

1Password Version:
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: Windows 8.1.1 x64-Bit
Sync Type: Local Folder


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    @raaomoka, have you see the Getting your data into the OPVault format article, here in the forum?

  • Sorry for the late response, no, I hadn't seen that guide. Thanks for sharing.

    After I went through it, I noticed that it would be converting all my 1Password data to text for the conversion process. What of all the credentials we have where we attached scans of the relevant documents/IDs? Are those discarded?

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    @raaomoka, the latest build available in the Windows stores doesn't require you to convert your data to OPVault format—you can import the .agilekeychain folder directly.

    I hope that moots your questions about plain text and attachments.

    Please let us know how it goes!

  • Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, I had noticed that, but there's a few problems with it. At this moment, it detects all logins, but...

    • Doesn't detect folders
    • Doesn't detect favourites
    • Doesn't display site icons
    • No color in the menu, just flat white icons
    • No section for Accounts and Wallet
    • The Driver Licenses section is a bit redundant and too-specific. Here in Canada (and I believe in many other countries), we're permitted to have only 1 driver license by law. Having a section for just 1 credential is somewhat wasteful. Besides, a driver's license would fit as a credential in the "Identities" and "Wallet" section.

    I understand it's still an Alpha build, just consider this as feedback.

  • @raaomoka thanks for the feedback, app is indeed incomplete and we are improving it right now.

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    Thanks, @raaomoka. As @SergeyTheAgile says, the app is still in the alpha phase of development, which means it hasn't yet reached the level of a beta release. Those are all known areas of work to be done.

    Note that, in the Mac version of 1Password, Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards are always presented in the category pane (equivalent to the menu page in the app on your Windows Phone; each other category is presented if it contains any items of that type. I'm advocating for a similar arrangement in 1Password for Windows Modern, as well. (Consistency is good.)

    As for Driver's Licenses, I use 1Password to store my own, my wife's, and each of my two sons' driver's license information, so that's a scenario in which more than one is stored, even though only one is mine. I do the same thing with Passports, another kind of document that is limited in the real world to one per person.

  • @raaomoka there is Release 9 available at Windows Store with folders support in .agilekeychain, please give it a try!

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    As of this moment (9:00 am US Pacific, 2 August 2015), the version available in the Windows 8.1 (non-phone) Store is still

  • raaomokaraaomoka
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    Thanks for quick responses guys, really appreciate it.

    @SergeyTheAgile I just updated and tried the new version, once I enter the password for my Vault, it does the vault opening animation, show the grey background, then just crashes...gonna uninstall and reinstall it to see if that makes any difference.


    Ok, I just uninstalled it, went to reinstall from the Windows Store, re-signed-up for the Alpha team, went through the setup tour and selected my 1Password .agilekeychain vault folder. It again just crashed after I entered my password.

    Relaunching it and entering the password again just makes it crash again.

  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

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    @raaomoka can you please send us crash report, it can be found in folder like C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\DC5C6510.1PasswordAlpha_2v019pwa6amcg\LocalState\Crashes

  • Your website keeps saying the .txt and .zip files aren't allowed. How do I send you the crash report?

  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

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    @raaomoka please forward it to [email protected]

  • Sorry for the late response, just sent you the log file...

  • Thanks @raaomoka, this crash should be fixed by now, please check store for 1Password Alpha Release 10!

    Once again sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your help. This bug was introduced by compiling Windows 8 package on Windows 10 machine, we appreciate community help with quality assurance.

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