Paying twice for iPad and iPhone Pro version???

Purchased Universal Pro version on iPad, but App store wants me to pay
So I got my new iPad 2 and purchased the Universal version of the app for $14.99 and installed on my iPad. Then, I used the same App id on my iPhone 4 and App Store wants another $14.99. I made sure it's the same App id. So what did I do wrong? I know I am not supposed to pay twice if I bought the Universal Pro version.

Thanks for helping me out in advance.


  • Never mind.. I had to "buy" it to get the message saying "you have already purchased it"...
    Like one of the PPs said, Apple will never charge twice for the same app
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    Hi MightyYuna, welcome to the forums!

    That’s right, Apple will never charge you for downloading the same version of the application as long as you’re using the same Apple ID used to purchase the application. Unfortunately, previous to iOS 4.3, Apple did not show this information in the App Store as you would need to press the “Buy” button to see this note about purchasing the same app again.

    Many users using iOS 4.3 reported that Apple now use the “install”/“Update” buttons in the App Store. Unfortunately, some users reported that it doesn’t work for all applications and they’d still need to go through the “Buy” process.
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