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I am a new user, and have not yet figured out, how I can use "attached files" in secure notes. For example I have created a new secure note, and want to include a PDF which I then want to erase in the source folder, because I want to use and see it only in 1 PW.
Now, when I drag a PDF into the secure note it stays there. But when I doubleclick on it it does nor open, but instead an new windows opens and asks where to store it. But I dont want to store it again, I just want to open and see it, and maybe tereafter change it.

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  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Sorry for the confustion, Wolfgang.

    1Password has to create a copy of the attachment to open it. While it might seem like "standard" behavior simply to create that copy in a temporary location, that would leave the copy around afterward...not something you might want to happen with what you thought was an encrypted and secure attachment.

    Instead, 1Password requires you to specify where you want that copy, so that you know where to find it and can decide whether to keep it or delete it when you're through viewing it.
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