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Hello there

I have loaded 1 password pro on my ipod touch. In the cloud I have my 1password keychain within my dropbox.

I think I have got the keychain down onto my ipod touch now but I can't figure out how to use it in the safari browser.

I can search through the keychain database itself on the ipod touch and see my logins and passwords but I was hoping that when I open the mobile safari browser, I would just see a little 1p button somewhere and life would be as beautiful as it is been in safari on the mac ?

Is there something wrong with me (over and above the list my wife has) ?

Danny S


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    Funny Danny my wife has a similar list.

    Sorry currently there is no 1p button. I wish there was from my understanding it because of the no more than 1 app running at a time thing in addition to how m.s. works in that apple limits direct integration /access from other apps.
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    If you search a bit there are some threads here about creating the bookmarklet. I was going to give you a link but I keep getting an error. I am traveling so maybe that's the reason bad connection I dunno. Sorry
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    Welcome to the forums, Danny!

    I'm sorry for the confusion. The 1Password app can't be integrated with Mobile Safari in same way as 1Password is integrated with Safari on the Mac. This is because Mobile Safari is not extensible with plug-ins at this time.

    For this reason, we've included a Safari-like browser within 1Password that you can use to fill your details on web sites. To use this feature, launch the 1Password app, and tap the URL of the Login item that you want to use. You'll be taken to the browser, where your details should be filled in for you automatically. (If they aren't, just can tap the globe icon, and select the Login item you'd like to use for that site.)

    You can learn more about using the web browser built into 1Password by looking at our user guide:

    Dropbox is *not* a data sync method between 1Password on the Mac and the 1Password apps on the mobile device at this time. Although you can place your 1Password Mac data file in your Dropbox, and it can even be "copied" to the mobile device using the Dropbox client app, the 1Password app cannot access the dropbox there, nor can the Dropbox app put it where the 1Password app can access it (it's stored differently anyway).

    We are currently experimenting with providing a better integration with Dropbox but that effort is currently in its early stages and not available in the mobile apps at this time.
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