i accidentally deleted my ipassword app. i was able to download it again but i lost all my data

after i downloaded, it asked for a code and i entered a 4 digit code. and when it opened, i found out that all my data were not there. it has an option of restoring the data, an i tried all of them: iTunes, dropbox, wifi, and i cloud. but none of them worked. Now, im not sure if i backed up the data to any of the options. im so upset that i had so many data stored and now i lost them. is there a way, i can retrieve them if in case i did not back up?

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  • If you do not have your data stored at any other location than your iOS device, your data will be gone for good, just as is the case whenever you delete any iOS application.

    So, have you ever used Dropbox or iCloud or perhaps WiFi syncing to keep your data updated on a desktop installation of 1Password? If you did so, you should be able to get your data back. But tell us whether this applies to you and tell us what sync method you used.

    If you didn't sync, did you ever back up your 1Password data manually to iTunes? You can read about doing that and restoring from the iTunes backup here: Creating and restoring 1Password backups in iTunes (iOS).

    If none of this applies, your data are gone, I'm afraid. Part of the security built in to 1Password is that only the user ever has control of his or her data, unless that user specifically transfers it somewhere else. AgileBit has no access to your data, and they do not store it on their servers.

  • one of them was able to restore one data which is weird. so, i might have backed up it from on of those things.i have a dropbox, i cloud on, iTunes but im not sure if i have synced them, how will i know?

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    @lyusal: (Un)fortunately AgileBits has neither your 1Password data nor the Master Password used to secure it, so this isn't something we can 'recover' for you to help directly. We simply don't know (and don't want to know) where your data is and what it contains. Only you should know where you have it stored and how to access it. You can always download the app from the App Store, but obviously Apple doesn't have your 1Password data either.

    You can try to restore from a backup, sync from another device, or — failing that — simply start over. Do you have 1Password on a computer? Please let me know what you find. I look forward to hearing back from you!

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