Slow Response : IE8 Plug-in takes 15sec

Every password-containing page hangs for 15sec in IE8, but not FireFox
I use 1Password for Windows, on Windows 7, with Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox 3.6.15.

With Firefox, everything works just as it should.

With IE8, it does not.

When I launch a page in IE8 that contains a password field ( or click the 1Password plug-in icon on the toolbar ), IE appears to hang for 15 seconds, and then the 1Password plug-in dialog shows up. If I pick a password to be entered for me, it takes another 15 seconds for the action to complete and IE to become responsive again.

This problem started several months ago, but was not present in the early beta phases.

This problem is NOT present with FireFox.

What's going on ?


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