Previous extension (1P3) worked much nicer, any chance to bring back that functionality?

With the previous extension for 1P3 you click the key or hit the keyboard shortcut, and you get a dialog that you could then scroll through any found logins for the particular URL. Most helpful for someone like me that does freelance for several clients and have a ton of Google logins, for example, to deal with. I could either scroll or start typing in the client's name and it would filter down to who I'm looking for.

With the new extension it seems to be arbitrary when it stops listing accounts, sometimes it'll stop after 5 and then have a "Show X more items..." sometimes it'll list 15-20 before doing the "Show X more items..." but in either case, whenever I click "Show X more items..." it just goes away and I end up having to open the 1P program and manually copying/pasting. Once, and only once, I was lucky and it opened up a dialog box with all the logins that I could scroll through and pick the one I wanted. Has never happened again.

Clicking "search" in the extension opens a dialog that really only gives me the option to go & fill or open in 1Password (and it scrolls horizontally for some bizarre reason...). I'm already on the page with the password dialog open, using go & fill opens up a new tab and sometimes gets to the dialog, sometimes doesn't. And in Chrome using go & fill tends to not work at all because instead of sending the URL it either sends chrome-extension:/// and I get an error page that the URL can't be found. Or it just doesn't do anything at all, you hit go & fill and the dialog goes away and nothing happens.

The password generator seems to have lost some functionality as well. You used to be able to generate pronounceable passwords which I guess technically the diceware option does that, but it uses dictionary words where previously the words while pronounceable were still randomly generated, which was great for generating things like security question answers.

So what I'm hoping for is:

1) bring back the (vertically) scrollable and searchable list of accounts (without a separate dialog box), no more "Show X more items..."
2) bring back the pronounceable but randomly generated words
3) in the search dialog let us change between "go & fill" and "fill & submit" and maybe bring back just "fill" as well

1Password Version:
Extension Version: 4.4.3 (Firefox) (Chrome)
OS Version: Windows 7
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Hi @jay_gunn,

    1. Can I ask about three settings please. In the Logins tab of 1Password's preferences do you have Lenient URL matching enabled or disabled? The same question for the Show X more items... preference in the Logins tab. Lastly, do you have any entries under Domain matching (the button to access this is also on the Logins tab).
    2. 1Password for Windows allows the generation of passphrases using Diceware lists. If you tick the Generate Diceware Passphrase checkbox in the Generate Password tool this should achieve something along what you desire, what do you think?
    3. You can configure an individual Login item's submit setting from with the item's edit screen as well as the global setting from within 1Password's preferences as well as from within the 1Password helper. I'm not sure I ever really understood the advantage of being able to alter this on the fly - if I have an item I don't want to submit I usually don't want it to ever submit, not just sometimes. I'm happy to learn under what circumstances this is useful and can place a request to see it re-introduced.

    I'm not entirely surprised that searching results in an open and fill behaviour. Under normal circumstances if you wanted to fill the current page you would pick from the list of matching Login items except you seem to be seeing some unusual behaviour there. When you search we assume you're looking for something that doesn't match the current page. So the issues you're facing with matching on the current tab result in you trying to leverage alternative routes. 1Password for Windows is different from 1Password for Mac in some ways so I don't know it as well. I know on the Mac though that the chief cause for items being hidden is due to different URLs being stored for the site e.g. and both match the google domain but are for different subdomains. Both will be shown but one will be typically hidden as it isn't an exact match. I don't know if that applies here or not but the answers to question 1. should help understand. I look forward to hearing back from you.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables I don't see a "Lenient URL matching" option, but "Show X more items..." is checked. If I uncheck that I see it shows every entry in a scrolling list, though it is annoying that you cannot scroll with the mouse wheel and have to click the top/bottom arrows. Adobe's font lists in their various programs does the same thing and it has always been a source of hate. Is it not possible to do this with the new extension? Still, better than clicking "Show X more items..." and it just going away I suppose.

    There are a few entries in domain matching: agilewebsolutions, citi, blogger, getdropbox, microsoft, td, 37signals. I assume those are default as I've never used that option before.

    The diceware option is ok, I just don't like that it's dictionary words. I guess it's ok for short security question answers, I liked the previous functionality of pronounceable but still randomly generated for those short entries. For actual passwords I still stick to completely random alphanumeric+symbols and as many characters as the particular website allows.

    The "fill" option was admittedly not often used, but every now and then it would come in handy if I accidentally picked the wrong selection. But more often than not after a few days of getting annoyed that I then had to manually hit submit, I would set it back to fill & submit. At least until the next time I hit the wrong selection and would set it back for a few days :)

    Normally I'll manually edit entry URLs if there are multiple sub-domains that could be problematic. Google's particularly annoying about it, and usually I'll just use the main domain, "" for example, instead of any sub-domains or trailing path.

  • Hi @jay_gunn,

    I've always found scrolling in general a bit sucky in Windows. After spending so much time in OS X it drives me nuts that in Windows Explorer you have to click in each pane to scroll. I don't know what options are available in menus for developers, it might be the alternatives are painful but the opposite might be true too for all I know. So I understand that it isn't great but I believe based on your wording we've found an improvement over what you were experiencing before.

    The beauty behind Diceware is the mathematics. Say you create a password consisting of 8 characters from the standard alphabet (case sensitive). That yields 52^8 possibilities or an entropy of 40 bits. A three word Diceware passphrase has 7776^3 possibilities or an entropy of almost 39 bits and that's just a three word passphrase. Even better the mathematics don't change even if somebody knows you use Diceware and knows the list of words. I believe an 8 word Diceware passphrase is recommended these days which has 103 bits of entropy, the equivalent to a random, 18 character password drawn from just alphabetic characters, again case sensitive. Decider is quite popular these days and our 1Password for Mac and iOS users keep reminding us that they want it. Who knows, we might see pronounceable passwords return, but the general consensus seems to have been that people want Diceware. Of course if you're not a fan that is your choice. To be honest I use random passwords for my security questions and answers these days. I used to make stuff up but that grew tiring so I moved to the Password Generator.

    If you tended to switch between fill and submit for small periods rather than as one-offs then you might find the option in 1Password Helper is suitable? It's in Settings > Auto-Sumbit Logins and allows you to relatively quickly toggle the setting without switching from your browser. Is that any use?

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