How do I switch license key to a new PC?

I am moving to a different PC, and i will obviously uninstall 1password on my old one. So I want to "de-authorize" my old PC.

DO i need to even do this?

If so, how do i do it, or will using my liceanse key on the new OC auto release it from the old?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    We don't restrict you to one PC, so don't worry about "de-authorizing" 1Password on your old PC. (After you get your 1Password data transferred, but before you get rid of the PC, I'd certainly recommend deleting your 1Password data folder, even though it's strongly encrypted—it just feels like the smart thing to do.)

    On your new PC, just install 1Password again ( and enter your license information (copied from the e-mail we sent when you purchased the license.)

    I hope that helps!
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    thanks, it does
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