auto save and fill in

doesnt work
Auto fill for password is not working. I am running windows xp explorer 8. I have the most current version of 1password. I have to save login manually but not sure is password is saved. 1password icon appears on my explorer toolbar and auto save is checked but it does not ask me if i want to save.


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    Welcome to the forum, glawson!

    Just to be clear, there currently is no auto-fill option in any of our 1Password products.

    Auto-save should be working for you, although there are certainly sites that pose a challenge (typically due to the vagaries of HTML coding).

    When 1Password fails to offer to save a Login, you've done exactly the right thing by clicking the 1P button in the browser's tool bar, and then clicking the Save Login button.

    There are a couple of ways to tell whether the Login has been saved: You can launch 1Password and look for it; you can visit the site again, click the 1P button, and see if the uppermost button is labeled Login With <the-name-you-specified>; or you can visit the site and press Ctrl+\ to see whether 1Password fills in the fields with the information you had provided when you saved the Login.

    I hope that helps, glawson. Please let us know how it goes.
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