Long time and loyal 1PW user here - I need help upgrading and syncing over 4 devices of varying age

I'm sure there will need to be purchased upgrades done here, but I don't know which ones and how to make sure they'll all work. Theft/loss of a macbook last year and then the purchase of an iphone 6 (with fingerprint ID) made for a lot of changes. I really need to be able to sync 1 Password and I'm worried that some items where the pw was generated on the iMac will be overwritten by a newer version or vice versa. I recall having trouble syncing with my ipad and macbook a few years ago and stopped trying.

Lots of syncing options have risen over the years and I'm a bit lost as to what is best: wifi sync, direct sync, icloud sync, icloud drive (?), drop box, google drive, etc.

This is my status at this point:

  1. 1PW Version 3.8.22 (build 32010) on iMac running OS X 10.10.3, Firefox 41.0
  2. 1PW Version 6.0.1 on iPhone 6 running iOS 9
  3. 1PW Pro 3.7.2 (Nov 2 2012) on iPad 2 running iOS 9
  4. Nothing (yet) on 2009 MacBook Air running OS X 10.7.5

Thanks in advance,


  • Greetings @mlnikolai,

    I'm sure we can assist :smile:

    If we exclude the MacBook Air then you're running the latest versions of OS X and iOS everywhere which means you could run the latest version of 1Password on all of these machines and devices. The MacBook Air running Lion does complicate things slightly but I'm wondering, do you need to run Lion on it? According to one site I sometimes use in these circumstances the 2009 MacBook Airs can run Yosemite. It might not run it super fast, it is a six year old Mac now but I have a 2009 MacBook Pro that runs Yosemite and for day to day stuff it was fine. If you could upgrade to Yosemite though you have a uniform point to start meaning all of your software can be consist over all devices. I'm sure you can understand the potential benefits of this.

    Personally I would recommend either Dropbox or iCloud if you want to sync multiple Macs and iOS devices. It's the easiest way with that many instances of 1Password and it should be set and forget for the most part.


    Let's say you're okay with Dropbox. You can sync 1-3 and whether you upgrade the MacBook Air to Yosemite or not you can still sync it too, it would just be running 1Password 3. You can purchase an upgrade licence for 1Password 5 by using your existing licence key at Upgrades for Existing Licence Owners and you can download the basic version of 1Password 6 for iOS from Apple's App Store. If you like it and want the additional features a one-off, in-app purchase of the Pro features is all you need (it's connected to your Apple ID). If you do upgrade OS X on the MacBook Air the costs don't change as a single licence covers you on both Macs.


    Now this would require you to upgrade the MacBook Air to Yosemite as you need to use iCloud Drive everywhere and Lion isn't compatible. The situation for iOS is the same as above but you would need to purchase 1Password for Mac from Apple's Mac App Store. The kicker here is we can't offer you a discounted upgrade price like we can in our own store as Apple don't have this functionality.

    If it were me I'd upgrade the MacBook Air, assuming you don't have any software that demands Lion and then I'd upgrade to 1Password 5. Dropbox would then keep all four devices in sync once set up. We can delve into the details of setting up sync when you decide how you would like to proceed.

    So the next step is to see if you have any questions arising from anything I've said so far or if you feel I haven't gone into enough detail in a particular area. Once you feel comfortable about making a decision we can continue forward. Does that sound like a reasonable course of action?

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