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Hey folks,

I just created a new bank account entry on the iPhone (having updated this morning to 6.0.1) and noticed some inconsistencies around the way phone numbers are handled.

  1. By default the "phone" field is formatted as a phone number which only allows access to the dialer input interface. This would be great if it then automagically formatted the phone number with country-based context like iOS itself does when saving a number, but instead once it's saved I just get a long string of +4424565889564 which isn't great for readability.
    SUGGEST: Either cleverly formatting the number (thus requiring the intimate knowledge of number formatting across hundreds of countries) or provide access to the full keyboard so I can space things out for readability and limiting to dialer characters plus spaces (or creating a custom phone number input keyboard). Note - although we probably feel having access to only the dialer will lead to a more consistent entry experience, in reality those using 1Password for Mac to create items will have access to a full keayboard - trust your users! Input validation could be performed as an alternative.

  2. Having entered the toll free number I then wanted to add the international version of the number. I then found, that even though the default entry for a phone number has the "phone number" type field set as standard, this isn't an option when adding a new custom entry - no option for phone number.
    SUGGEST: Adding "phone number" type as an option for new custom fields and then fixing (1) above :)

As a result of not being able to choose the phone number type for (2) I can't now click on the phone number and see the dial option, whereas the number I entered described in (1) I do get this option (which is handy as trying to transpose it error free to my desk phone given its readability is a problem :) ). This means I will then need to hop onto the Mac to tidy things up where I (believe I) can gets things just so. 1Password for iOS ought to give a great standalone experience, though I fully appreciate the benefits of working with the two in tandem.


1Password Version: 6.0.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 9.1 beta
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • MeganMegan

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    HI @smallcheese,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! We have improvement requests open for both of your suggestions, and I've added your comments to the issues in our internal tracker.

    ref: OPI-2309, OPI-2735

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