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Problems logging into e-trade

I am unable to login to etrade using 1P for Chrome. Whenever I have it enter my username and password and autosubmit, it says the login information is wrong. However, when I copy the password directly out of 1P and paste it into the password field, it works like a charm. What information can I provide to help fix this problem?


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer
    1Password Alumni
    Hey Kevin,

    I'm sorry that you are having this problem. Please take a look at our "Website Login Issues" guide.

    Note especially that editing the login to change the Submit value from "If Autosubmit is ON" to "Never" works on a lot of sites which modify the form before submitting it or are looking for a literal key press or mouse click. This will give you the chance to actually give them what they are looking for by submitting the form yourself rather than allowing 1Password to do it on your behalf.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

    Team Member
    The latest release of the Chrome extension ( made several changes to how Autosubmit works. I wasn't able to test eTrade directly as I don't have an account there, but from what I can tell from the code it should be submitting correctly.

    Please update (here's how to force the update to happen immediately) and see if Autosubmit works for you.

    I hope that helps; please let us know :)
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