Upgrade will not recognise my 1P 5 and says I only have 1P 3. Want a Mac +Windows bundle. Help Pls

Bought 1P 5 for Mac in May 2015. Want to upgrade to Mac + Windows bundle as per store offer. Only being recognised as having 1P 3 for Mac with my Licence Key. So the store says my bundle (if I add Windows) will cost $34.99. But I can buy Windows by itself for $24.99. Why isn't your store recognising I already have 1P 5 for Mac and then bundle with Windows should be cheaper than buying it outright. Should it not ?

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Referrer: forum-search:trying to upgrade my 1 Password 5 licence bought in May 2015 to a Mac and Windows bundle. Problems ?


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    Hi @OldDawg,

    1Password 5 for Mac doesn't use license keys, it uses a binary signed file that you download to put it in the app but we automatically give you a license key for 1Password 3 for Mac, so that you can use 1Password on older Macs that cannot run 1Password 5 due to its OS X requirements. That's why the store says 1Password 3 instead of 1Password 5 when you entered the license key. However, the discount is the same for both 1Password 3,4 and 5, you can buy 1Password for Windows separately for 25$.

    You do not need to buy the bundle license, you already own the first half. The bundle price includes a discount for buying it first instead of buying a license for one platform and buying it again later for a different platform, that's why you see it for 25$ in the upgrade store instead of 20$ that would equal to 60$ bundle price if you were to buy it back in May.

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