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Note: I am waiting for my Teams beta site to be activated.

How does master password access/recovery work? Is it done with a two-man rule? In my organization, this would be ideal because we may want to give allow IT and some other department (say HR or legal) the ability to jointly unlock the master credentials. I would like to refer to an earlier post I made on the subject, though that had a different purpose in mind.

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    @cobaltjacket: I love that I get to have this conversation with you 6 months later! I really should have thrown a wink in there! ;)

    Essentially anyone who is part of the Recovery group indirectly has access to the vault key encrypted with your public key. They do not have access to your private key, Master Password, or Account Key. You can read about this in more detail in the 1Password for Teams White Paper, but a more practical overview is available in our knowledgebase:

    Account recovery

    So you really want to have at least two people in the Recovery group so (both of) you have an out in the event that you do forget your Master Password. I hope this helps! :)

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