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Latest version available in Windows 8.1 Store [1.1508.60]

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The current release at the time of writing is 1.1508.143. Please correct me if this is not correct. I have tried several times to get the latest Alpha version from the Windows store. In the notes (Details) I can read that indeed .143 is the latest version but my only options are to View or Share.
Under Information it states:
Last Update: 8/28/2015
Current Version: 1.1508.60
Size: 2MB

Under New this Version

Alpha Release 12 (1.1508.143)

I see no way to install it. Perhaps it is my own ignorance on how to install apps on a Windows phone. I am running 8.1 on a Lumia 928, OS Version 8.10.14203.306

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • DBrownDBrown
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    @ramac34, I'm not sure why the Windows 8.1 Store shows 1.1508.143 as the latest version, because that version is available only in the Windows 10 Store.

    The latest and last version for 8.1 is actually 1.1508.60, and I'm assuming that the reason you don't see an INSTALL button is that you already have that version installed on your phone. Is that the case?

    (Note that all future releases of the 1Password app will require Windows 10, so you might want to consider upgrading your phone to that version of the operating system.)

  • ramac34ramac34
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    Understood and thank you for the clarification. As for updating, one, I am reliant upon my carrier ( I haven't even had 8.1 for but a year) and two; a little hesitant upgrading to 10 given all press around the liberties granted within their privacy policies. In any case, thanks again for the clarifications.

  • DBrownDBrown
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    I believe you can get onto the Windows 10 preview program fairly easily. I don't know anything about lax/strict privacy policy in Windows 10, though.

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