Safari issues with Agilebits site

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I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the issue in this thread (Restart Safari after each 1P update (when updated with Safari running)?) about updating beta, but the AgileBits Web site has display issues with Safari.

What is strange is the team names and icons are not even evident in Chrome and Firefox.

One other minor issue with this site and Safari. Dropping the image on the box to upload, disappears when dragging file to box. Will report to Apple.

1Password 5
Version 5.5.BETA-18 (550018)
Agile Beta

1Password Version: 5.5 b18
Extension Version: 4.5.0 b2
OS Version: 10.11.2 Beta 15C31f
Sync Type: DropBox


  • Are you using Ghostery or some other content blocking browser extension?

    I get the team names and icons missing if I have Ghostery running, as it blocks the Gravatar service.

  • Yep, check that. I found the same thing with some of the content blockers on iOS.

  • DianeoforegonDianeoforegon Junior Member

    Yes, Ghostery is running. I disabled and I can see avatars now. What made this confusing is Firefox and Chrome didn't even show the missing data. I had just recently installed Ghostery.

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    Hi @Dianeoforegon,

    Glad @snozdop and @hawkmoth could help you determine that Ghostery was responsible for blocking images from Gravatar where they're used on this forum.

    I disabled and I can see avatars now.

    I don't know what you disabled but there a lot of configuration options that can be adjusted. Here's a simple example with Ghostery configured to allow Gravatar on all sites and Typekit by Adobe on just pages (for this forum).

    Clicking the ? button at the bottom of that findings panel opens a useful tutorial.

    What made this confusing is Firefox and Chrome didn't even show the missing data.

    Firefox and Chrome doesn't display the alt tag text for the disallowed Gravatar images like Safari does.

  • DianeoforegonDianeoforegon Junior Member

    Thanks for the info on settings.

  • brentybrenty

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    Any time! I'm glad sjk was able to help. We're here if you need anything else! :chuffed:

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