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I was wondering if the backups will be configurable so that if and when a particular user is removed, a backup of that specific vault could be created and selected for long term backup.
Ideally that backup would be vault specific and also allow some type of retrieval outside of an entire account rollback type of option. Possibly allowing the user to name the backups as well.

Specific examples:
1. An employee who leaves and then returns.
2. Maybe a family member who wishes to move their data out, but I want to keep it backed up, for that inevitable "Dad, I lost my passwords" or "I wiped my computer and forgot to back it up (assumes he moved the data out and it was local only non syncing)" Yeah I know it could mean him changing all of the passwords (depending on situation), but I would have somewhere to start from. Since this data could also contain backup codes, 2 Factor Authentication codes etc.
3. If not, the above seems like a great idea.
4. It may be worth keeping that certain, 19 year olds data on Dropbox for such a situation and out of the teams.

Thanks for listening to my possible use case.

edit:added what I hope was some clarification. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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    Hi @thightower ,

    Thanks for that great description of your use case! I know that our developers have a lot planned in terms of fine-tuning the backup process, and I'm happy to pass your thoughts along to them. :)

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