unsynced account lost

I replaced my Iphone for a new Android device. It seems that I didn't Sync my account before reseting my old iphone. currently I am unable to access my existing vault on my new android. Plsssss help.

thank you

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  • I just sold my Iphone and replace it with an android device. I am unable to open my account on my new mobile taking into consideration that I am not sure if I have ever backed up my account on my old iphone pls I need your help to recover my account ASAP. hank you

  • saadsaad

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    I’m sorry to hear you are not able to access your existing vault. We are not able to recover your data if you did not configure sync on your old iPhone. However, we may still be able to access your vault if you have access to your iPhone and you have an iTunes backup of it before the iPhone was deleted. Can you confirm if both of these are true in your case? Thanks. We will continue from there.

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