1password didn't backup information, no vault to restore

My phone had to be reset to factory settings. When I reinstalled 1Password, I cannot access any backup data. It wasn't backuped properly. Is there any fix for this? I've checked Dropbox and my home computer. Neither have any record of anything for 1Password. Please help.


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  • saadsaad

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    Hi Elena. I'm really sorry to hear you are not able to access your 1Password vault after resetting your phone. I would love to help!

    Before resetting your phone, do you remember if you configured 1Password to sync with Dropbox or the device's local storage? Are you using 1Password on any other devices right now?

  • I checked DropBox and it hadn't backed up anything. I've used it for over a year and cannot find where it backed up. My phone wouldn't allow any access to anything before reset, so I couldn't double check anything. I assumed it had been working correctly.

  • periperi

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    Thanks for the update, @Cache. Unfortunately, if your vault wasn't backed up to a cloud service like Dropbox, or synced over to another device, then there's no way for us to restore your data.

    Your 1Password vault is only ever stored locally, unless you opt to store it elsewhere. So we have no way of recovering any lost data. I'm sorry!

    If you do find your .agilekeychain folder on an SD card, another device, or elsewhere, just let us know and we'll be happy to help you migrate it back onto your Android! :)

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