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I have forgotten my password

1 password for window alpha - silly me...I have forgotten my password .. how do i reset it it?

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  • Ups, please don't forget your password - we can not restore it without a gazillion years of trying!

    Press Windows key, type "Credential Manager", there look for the "Web Credentials" section, resource "op://" - delete it, it will destroy your master password and make all your data inside 1Password Alpha useless.

    Then you can run this link in browser: op://reset. It will clear all data from roaming, local, local cache and temp application data.

  • cksgcksg
    Community Member

    How can I do the same on Windows 10 Mobile? (Lumia 950)

    There is no "Credential Manager".

    op://reset doesn't help either. I simply don't know the password.

    Thank you!

  • @cksg unfortunately there is only one way to reset master password it at this moment - through credential manager on desktop (these credentials are synchronized across your devices).

    we will add ability to reset master password with Beta 3. Perhaps only after verifying that you can enter your PIN on the phone (you may have to set it up), in order to avoid somebody trying to reset your data when you turn away.

  • cksgcksg
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    Thank you, so much. I didn't know that those credentials are synchronized across all devices.

    I've got my problem fixed!

  • SergeyTheAgileSergeyTheAgile

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    edited December 2015

    I'm glad it helped, please try not to forget your master password again! ;)

    There is new feature coming with Beta 3 to help in such situations, it should allow you to do secure reset using your phone only.

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