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Just want to make sure we do this correctly. We have iPhones, Android phones (samsung), iMac and Windows OS. Do we need to download the appropriate app onto each device before the 1Password will work?

AND, should we use the Dropbox sync for sharing the info? I am thinking YES because it says that above. I assume it does not work across Google Drive since that is not listed in your info.

Thank you! John Stone

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  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Hi John,

    It sounds like you understand things correctly :) Yes, for the best experience you will want to download 1Password for each of your devices to access your 1Password data there. All the account creation and Vault setup is done using the web client, while the clients provide convenient and quick access to your data on your local device.

    There is one gotcha in the plan at this exact moment: the Windows and Android clients have not yet entered public beta testing. We hope to have this done soon but for now you will need to use the web client to access your Vault Items there.

    Regarding your question about Dropbox, no, you will not need to setup Dropbox while using 1Password for Teams. Dropbox is great for personal usage and can even be used in a team environment, but 1Password for Teams adds a lot of features that aren’t possible otherwise, including:

    • Share and sync without the need of a third-party sync service.
    • Deploy new vaults to your teammates automatically.
    • Invite new members in bulk.
    • Set granular access permissions for each teammate on each vault.
    • Revoke access to vaults and suspend/delete team members.
    • Recover accounts if your teammates forget their Master Passwords.

    I hope that helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions and we'll be happy to help :)

  • Thx dteare.
    Maybe Teams is not what I (we) need, might be a bit of overkill. What we want to do is share all of the info my wife has in her 1P so it sounds like we should use either WiFi or Dropbox Sync. Correct?

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

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    Hi John,

    If you need to share info with your family then Teams will certainly provide a much better experience.

    Setting up and maintaining shared folders in Dropbox could be tricky at times.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Hi John,

    I'm sorry I misled you a bit. I was so excited to show you all the amazing power of teams that I made it sound like it was too complicated and not easy to use :)

    Setting up 1Password for Teams is a lot easier than Dropbox, and you're not required to use all the teams features. You can use only the ones you need and the rest won't get in your way. So in many ways things are simpler this way.

    Before I say anything more about Teams, you asked specifically about WiFi and Dropbox syncing, so let me answer that first and then circle back to how 1Password for Teams would improve upon it if you decide to take that route.

    Using 1Password and a Single Vault

    With WiFi and Dropbox, you would be setting up a single Vault that would contain all of your wife's items and all of your items. You would then install 1Password on all your devices (you mentioned iPhones, Android phones, iMac and Windows) and sync this single Vault using either Dropbox or WiFi.

    I'll be honest and say that WiFi in this scenario will be tricky as it was designed to sync a single Mac or PC with your phones directly over your local wireless network. If your wife made changes on her phone while at the office, you wouldn't see the changes on any other device until those devices were on the same network again and you triggered the sync. So while it's certainly possible to use WiFi sync, I'd recommend that you avoid it in your situation.

    That leaves Dropbox. It's a robust solution and works quite well on all platforms, so you're welcome to go this route if you want. In your scenario you would again install 1Password on all your devices, but this time you would also install Dropbox on your Windows and OS X machines. Then you would tell 1Password to sync your single vault using Dropbox.

    This is all fine and good, and you can happily go this route if you want (it's what many of us did for many years), but I'd like to show how 1Password for Teams can do things better in sharing situations like yours.

    Benefits of Using 1Password for Teams

    With 1Password for Teams, you would have your own Vault, and your wife would have her own separate Vault. You would then create a third vault for items that you both need access to. This is a great setup as you're able to share what you need, while preserving a nice separation between your own items. While this might sound like work, these Vaults are all created automatically so it's really quite simple.

    When setting up a new device, you would simply install 1Password, enter your account information once, and then all your Team Vaults will appear automatically. You do not need to setup separate sharing options for each Vault. They just happily appear for you :)

    In addition to simpler setup, you'll have access to more powerful features if and when you ever need them. For example, you could set things up so you could restore your wife's access to her account if she ever lost her Master Password. Additionally, you could setup a fourth Vault for sharing specific items with other people (i.e. Lawyers, Accountants, other family members, etc). Basically there is a lot more flexibility and power available in the 1Password for Teams approach, so depending on your needs I would recommend you give this a go.

    With all that said, it's important that I reiterate what I pointed out in my earlier comment: the Windows and Android clients have not yet entered public beta testing. We hope to have this done soon but for now you will need to use the web client to access your Vault Items there. If you're using Android and Windows everyday, you will probably be better off using the single Vault on Dropbox approach for the next few months and then switch to Teams later on.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know and I'll get back to you after we have our Christmas Eve family dinner :)

    Take care and enjoy the holidays!

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