I have all my credentials, but it's not letting me sign into 1Password Teams

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Can you verify that the account key for -snip- is -snip- pulled from view-?

edit: ~ thightower re: remove account key, vanity url from public view. Information has been sent to the staff.

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Referrer: kb:teams-faq, kb:account-key, kb-search:Account Key, kb:teams-troubleshooting-signin


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    Information removed from public view and forwarded to the staff. No need to re submit it at this time.

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    Thanks for taking the time to contact us, @bo3.

    First let me explain why Tommy deleted your account key and vanity url from your post. Your Account Key is a "second factor" in many ways for authorizing a new device to your account. By itself no one can do anything useful with it, but it is designed to greatly strengthen your Master Password, so you want to keep that private.

    Now, as for your issue of not being able to log in, this document might help:


    It points out that all 4 of these things must be correct before you can login:

    1. Your domain (you can double check it matches the domain in your Emergency Kit)
    2. Your email address (also in the Emergency Kit)
    3. Your Master Password (only you know this)
    4. Your Account Key (we don't know what this is, but you can find it in your Emergency Kit)

    Please double check all of those pieces of information and let us know how it turns out.

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