Feature Request, add to watch option beyond primary vault.

What the title says


  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni
    edited November 2015

    @addiarmadar: I can't promise anything, but this is something we'd very much like to do in the future. After all, I don't actually know many people these days that only have a single vault. We just wanted to be conservative with our first Watch app to avoid too many complications (heh, watch joke) and let feedback exactly like this help us determine what we add in the future. Thanks for letting us know this is important to you! :)

  • I also need this support to other vaults... I've moved some items to a secundary/work vault, the items are still shown at organize/apple watch, however I cannot see them on my apple watch.


  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @MarceloM: Indeed, sorry for the confusion there! Currently 1Password only supports items from the primary vault on Apple Watch, but we're looking into ways to expand this in the future (without causing additional confusion and organization headaches, of course). Thanks for the vote! :)

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