product request: zero knowledge file syncing solution

hi agilebits,

i love 1password. especially its emphasis on zero knowledge.

i would love to use a similarly minded product for syncing files.

unfortunately, the ones available on the market today are subpar. most are not truely zero knowledge in some aspect, and provide an inferior experience (buggy apps, no support for document provider api on iOS, etc)

i would love to be able to give someone money for a decent implementation.

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    @clenart: We're really focused on password management, and only concerned about sync insofar is it pertains to 1Password data. We can certainly consider something like that in the future, but currently we're going to stick to our strengths and continue working to make 1Password the best it can be. We're really proud of it, but we know we can still make it even better. So while the answer isn't 'no' or 'never', it's definitely 'not now'. Cheers! :chuffed:

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