Profile page displaying account key and email in clear view.

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I realize that the web page is behind the account key, & Master Password, but since people are using the web site in place of 1Password anywhere... I would think that on the user profile page, the account key would be obscured just like a password with copy,reveal button. Especially given the fact its easy to grab screenshots of such info.
Additionally, I would expect the email used to login in to be at least partially obscured. After all I just logged in so why would I need to know my login details. This could be available behind the copy,reveal button too. While the email is not really a huge topic for me, the key is a concern.

Its possible this is due to me being the admin, I do not know.

While the email may or may not be an issue in a corporate environment, if you happen to login in to a family account at work, you may be more sensitive to your personal and private email/account key being revealed on the screen.

Maybe, the option will be in settings later on. I would like to think so.

Just my 2¢

1Password Version: 6.0.1
Extension Version: 4.5.4 b2
OS Version: 10.11.3
Sync Type: Teams


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    Hey, @thightower. You're absolutely right. I keep thinking about this every time I see it there. We originally had it that way months ago, then we replaced it with just the Emergency Kit button, then we brought back the Account Key without obscuring it.

    I'll open an issue so we can get that done.

    ref: b5-1015

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