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I think it's pointing at the "wrong" place, so even when I reinstall the software I don't have the opportunity to tell the app where the new opvault file is (that I created with the desktop version).

1Password Version: Windows 10 Universal beta
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 pro build 11082
Sync Type: OneDrive
Referrer: kb:opvault-overview, kb-search:uninstall 1password beta, kb:install-app-beta


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    Hi @charleswfoxwendellgr,

    I've moved your post to our Windows 10 beta forum as you originally posted in the classic Windows forum. Our Windows 10 Beta team will follow up with you here as soon as possible. /cc @DBrown

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    Hi, @charleswfoxwendellgr!

    If you're using version 2015.12.1801 on your Windows 10 device, do you see a page that says "select a vault" when you first launch the app?

    If you don't see that page, can you describe (or post a screen shot) of what you do see?

    Also, if you can get to the Settings > Help page, tap Support, and choose the "last 24 hours" command. In your e-mail message, please include a link to this forum thread.

    Thanks for your help!

    Note: If you really want to remove all existing data and start over, launch the web browser on the device, and direct it to op://reset, which launches 1Password and prompts you to confirm your decision.

    (Merry Christmas!)

  • I did see the page that allows me to point to a vault, which I did, both on the Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile versions (Lumia 950), but can't now login to either app. The desktop (not Universal) version (which I am able to log into) is 4.6.0.BETA-597, and seems to work fine. For the desktop _Universal _app, I see no version number (such as in Apps & Features).

    Merry Christmas back at ya.

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    So, the 1Password 4 for Windows program is working as expected—you can enter your master password and see the contents of the associated vault.

    To see the version number of the 1Password Beta app (shown in your screen shot), tap the Nav icon (three horizontal lines, stacked, in the upper left corner of the screen; then tap Settings in the lower right corner, and choose About from the menu that appears.

    Let us know what you find!

  • @charleswfoxwendellgr if I understood you correctly you issue is that you can not login to the universal app. When you opened your first vault you entered password - this password is your master password. If for some reason it doesn't work, then your only option is to reset whole universal app. Please check here on how to do it

    Hope this helps :)

  • I'll re-install the app. Note that in the Universal app the hamburger doesn't appear, so there's no way to check the version. Thanks for the assistance.

  • Should I be able to create new items in the beta Universal version? I am in the desktop, but not Universal on the desktop or mobile. Also, is there general documentation you can point to?

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    Please type this "URL" into your browser on the device where you're trying to unlock the app:


    That should put you back at the point where you can experience the app as a new user. (If it doesn't, please type op://firstTime into your browser.)

    Then let us know whether you're able to launch the app, select an existing vault, and unlock that vault using the same master password that unlocks it in the desktop version (1Password 4 for Windows).

  • This worked for me in December and I just replaced my phone and had to follow the same steps. On the phone I enter the same password as my desktop, but then get challenged to enter a "vault" password, which fails. When I resethard (and reinstall the app just to be sure), I'm able to login to my OneDrive opvault file. I'm guessing something is cached and passed, rather than the password I enter.


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    Thanks for the update, @charleswfoxwendellgr. I'm glad you're logged in and working with your vault as expected.

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