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plambertplambert Junior Member
When browsing inside the 1password app on my iPad or iPhone, it would be great to be able to print.

Also, the Mobile Safari option of sending things to other apps, like PDFs, would be great.

Also, while I am asking for things... How about direct support for making a PDF from a web page, and sending that to other apps? :)

And I would like a Pony and a Red-Rider BB Gun and...

Thanks for a great app!



  • stu wrote:

    Hi Paul,

    Well, you don't want much do you :-D But as my mother always taught me, if you don't ask you don't get, though frequently asking didn't get me that new 12 core MacPro with 16gb RAM I asked for at my last birthday.

    We're currently looking into some huge upgrades to the built-in browser within 1Password, and while I can't say if any or all of the features you'd like to see are possible (there are some limitations with the WebView framework we use) I'll certainly pass them on to our developers for their consideration.

    I have to say, I'll add my vote for the ability to send things like PDFs or other documents to other iOS apps, for example if someone sent me a link to download a Pages file via a secure site I have a 1Password login for, I'd love to be able to send that file to Pages itself.

    As for the Pony, let me see what we have in stock.... oh, geez, sorry we only have the 16gb Verizon iPony2 in stock right now ;-)

    Up same needs here.
    To print also form password locked sites.
    So you add print features to your mini browser
    Better, apple unlocks a little iOS. (es 1p icon in mobile safari....)
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Welcome to the forums, Massimiliano!

    Thanks for letting us know you would appreciate this as well. We really appreciate the feedback. :-)

  • cp21yoscp21yos Junior Member
    I need to add a plus 1 here — my most common use for 1Password on my iPad is financial transactions (transfers etc) and while most institutions will send an email to the recipient about the transaction it often only allows 1 address or worse leaves out the data that's important to my accounts people. Being able to use IOS printing (which from my experience includes the "to PDF/Dropbox etc") would be a huge benefit — I don't really see a need for more Mobile Safari integration but printing resoundingly "Yes"


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    edited May 2011
    Welcome to the forums, Craig! It sounds like you are more interested in PDF export than actual printing, but I have definitely added your vote. Thanks!
  • afragenafragen Junior Member
    +! for printing.

    I'd love to be able to print confirmations of my online financial transactions.
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    +! indeed. I like that. :-)

    I'm going to start using that. Thanks for the vote, afragen!
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