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Just starting out with 1PW - using 2 Macs.

Can I use 2 different data bases with same Master Password or would I be better off using a different Master Password for each database?

many thanks for any assistance.


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    Hi Tuni,

    There is no problem if you want to use the same master password for two distinct databases. Note that if they are created separately even if you use the same master password they will still be distinct databases.

    You may wish to consider using the same database on the two Macs. Take a look at

    for details.


  • thanks - am doing further due diligence as to best way to do this for me. am checking further into Dropbox options as suggested too - many thanks for prompt response. The synch between 1PW & Dropbox on 2 Macs is still a bit confusing for me, but working on it (with "lottsa" help from my new friends) ;).
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    The easiest way to sync two Macs is by installing Dropbox on them and then moving your data file to the Dropbox folder. You can simply click the "Move to Dropbox" button in 1Password's preferences. 1Password will automatically detect the data file in your Dropbox folder on the other Mac. :-)

    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

    We are always here to help!
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