Interesting, odd twist on security questions

United Airlines has decided they need to add more security protection to their frequent flier accounts by adding security questions. Not such an unusual thing, but in this case, they have a list of questions from which to choose five questions. The answers then must be chosen from a drop down list of options, rather than being created by the user. So you can't create a random answer or even one tailored by yourself. I suppose there is a bit of added security here, but by narrowing the options for the answers to a list of a couple of dozen possibilities only, it seems to me to be less secure than it might have been.

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    Sounds like security theatre.
    Here is a great idea: take your business elsewhere.
    Don't use United Airlines.
    Tell them.

  • It actually isn't an option where we live and need to travel to take our business elsewhere.

  • Oh. Bad luck. Still sounds like security theatre. Never mind

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    It does sound like a less than ideal system. :(


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