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Please forgive the very newbie question, but a quick cruise thorugh the forum did not turn up this, although I am guilty of not using the search function.

The goal is to set up an inventory list of items with identifying information, serial numbers and so forth. But I don't see a way to add a photo of the object.

In the Windows version, I see an attachment can be added, but this is not viewable within 1Password unless I essentially export the image to the desktop or some other location.

And I can't add any attachments at all in the iPad version, such as when I copy a photo and try to paste into the text field.

Figuring this is not a new issue, how do people resolve this?

I figure the next approach would be to use Word or PowerPoint to assemble my inventory information and attach a photo on one of those docs, then create a general iNVENTORY entry and add the Word or PPT file as an attachment. Which would work OK but it would still not be visible in the iPad.

Any other suggestions?




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    Hello Don,

    Unfortunately, as you mention, 1Password does not support file attachments in the iOS apps right now. This is a feature that we see a lot of requests for, so it is certainly on our minds as we continue to improve 1Password. For securely sharing images between Windows and iOS, I am not sure of a great solution at this time. Perhaps one of our other forum members would be able to provide some insight.

    The problem with many solutions is that they either sync really well or are too secure to sync very well. I believe we have done a great job doing both of these with 1Password, but one of the reasons we were able to do so is that we have not yet supported file attachments. This can really slow down the syncing process and can take up a lot of room on a mobile device depending on the size and quantity of attachments. I think if and when we add file attachments to 1Password in iOS, you may have the solution you need, but the way the attachments are stored (more like an email attachment than a readily accessible "secure folder" somewhere) may require another solution if you need to quickly view and edit files. Attachments in 1Password are really only designed for storing static documents that are infrequently accessed like you would archive sensitive documents in a safe deposit box in the "real world."

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer right now, but I hope that helps you narrow down what sort of product you are looking for to store your sensitive photos.

    Please let me know if you come across anything that works for this purpose. I would love to take a look at it.

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