Need 1password to remember 3 login/pws for a single site..saved 2, would not save 3rd...

For example, I have a personal twitter account, one for my real estate company and one for my honey company. I own all three accounts and am the only person who can logon to them. I had no problem saving the first 2, but the pop up does even come up when I log in to the third one. If I can't save all three passwords for any given site this product will be worthless to me as I will still have to have a document somewhere with additional passwords written down. I will have 3 accounts for several other sites I manage as well (i.e. facebook, pinterest, etc). I assume there is a way to manually override this or does it only allow you 2 login/pws per webpage?

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  • I was able to manually enter...glad it allows more than 2 entries.

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    @EJ_Penn Thanks for your post. I'm glad you got the issue sorted out. My guess is that 1Password saw your login for the third one but that the password is reused or something like that that caused 1Password to think it should not offer to save the login for the third account. As you've found, manual save is the best workaround for when 1Password doesn't automatically offer to save for you.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Jamie Phelps
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