Vaults showing up for someone that it's not shared with

I was checking the vaults on my wife's iPhone last night b/c she said she couldn't find an item that I knew I had put in our Shared vault and wanted to make sure that it was showing up properly for her. Currently there are only two vaults that I have showing shared with my wife when I log into the web app under my account but on her device she is showing three other vaults that are not shared with her and are only under my account. When I log into the web app under her account those vaults show up there as well. I'm not sure when or what might have caused this to happen as I just noticed it last night.

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    Hey @donnywdavis! That's definitely not good. Let's figure out what's happening. Just to make sure I understand things properly, you're sharing two vaults with your wife, but she is seeing those two and three more, which means she has five vaults total. If that's the case, she does have a Personal vault, and she has access to the default Shared vault on the account. The device may also show a Primary vault if she was using 1Password before Teams, and that would be her original vault.

    That could explain things, but what I'm curious about is whether the vaults you're seeing are ones in your Teams account and not shared with her. Please check the permissions in your Admin Console to make sure they aren't shared with her, and check the 1Password for Teams Settings in her iOS app to see whether she happens to be logged in to your account by default. Let us know what you find.

  • Hi @penderworth. Sorry I didn't clarify previously. All of the vaults that I mentioned are in the Teams accounts. I have moved us completely off of the traditional primary vaults. We both have the Personal vault in Teams as well as the Shared vault. Then I shared another vault Family vault with my wife for other family items. Those should be the only three vaults that my wife should be seeing currently. I have an Archive vault for old items as well as a Database and Server vault for specific items that I maintain. I double checked in the Admin Console and I'm the only one that has access to these three vaults. However they are showing up under my wife's account. They are showing up on her iOS devices as well as the web app under her account. I tried to grant her access to these vaults and then revoked access but they still show up under her account with full access.

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    @donnywdavis Thanks for the additional info. It does sound like something strange is happening. Could you send us an email at [email protected] with the vault names that your wife shouldn't be seeing? Also include the UUID for that vault. You can find it by opening the vault in the web interface and copying the bit of the URL directly after vaults. Send over one for each vault your wife is seeing that she shouldn't be. It's better to keep the conversation going privately rather than via the forum since it's a bit more sensitive. Thanks! :)

  • @penderworth ok so I'm a doofus lol. When I was getting the information together to send the email I noticed under the vaults that it was showing group access for administrators along with the people access. I had recently added my wife as an administrator to be able to have her as a recovery backup. Not sure why these vaults had group access set as I don't recall ever adding it, but I may have done it without realizing it. I removed the group access from the administrators group and those vaults disappeared from her account. It looks like everything is peachy keen now.

    Hope it wasn't too much trouble lol. :)

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    @donnywdavis Aha! I thought that may have been the case, but we wanted to look into it a bit more to make sure. :lol: Glad you got things sorted out on your own. No trouble at all. We're always happy to help.

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