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After following all your steps to create login for US Banks new system the dual page one was all that would work. An additional note to this, during the initial login attempts, that instead of the Username being copied to One Password when I was saving the login, what was saved to the Username field was "Temporary Access Code" I then had to delete this and type the Username in manually. On the second page for the password field I had to put the password into the Username field for it to enter correctly.

I have noticed that for quite sometime One Password does not prompt me to save new logins and I have to manually enter them. My setting are set to Automatically ask to save new logins but this does not happen.

Thanks for any info you can come up with.

1Password Version: 6.0.2
Extension Version: 4.5.2
OS Version: 10.11.3
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: kb-search:Log in split, kb:create-multi-page-login


  • brentybrenty

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    @Thetaguy: I'm sorry for the trouble! Are you by any chance using Safari? There have been issues with Safari and US Bank specifically in the past, and many folks have found that Chrome works much better there.

    Regarding the autosave issue, are you experiencing this with certain websites? If you can give an example (or two, or three) we'll be happy to test it to see how we can help get things working for you again. Thanks in advance! :)

    ref: OPX-1077

  • ThetaguyThetaguy Junior Member

    Yes I have been using Safari and up until about a month ago the login to US Bank was no problem, but then they changed the login method. Yes Chrome works but I am not particularly fond of Chrome due to the large amount of data that is being asked to be sent out to Google analytics and other points (per Little Snitch notifications). The dual log in method is working on Safari so I will stick with that.

    As far as I will keep an eye out for One Password prompting me to save login info but in the past several months I can not think of one time it has asked to save my login info, I have just gotten used saving them myself by either editing existing or going to the app and creating a new Login from scratch. So it is no particular website. Maybe a preference issue, delete them possibly?

  • brentybrenty

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    @Thetaguy: Indeed. There is a workaround that some have found helps in Safari, so it may be worth a try given your feelings concerning Chrome:

    1. Install the newest 1Password browser extension
    2. In Safari on your Mac, visit
    3. If Safari remembers your login item because you had "remember me" checked, please overwrite what you see in the username field by typing in your actual username, but do NOT press Submit or Enter yet.
    4. Click the 1Password extension, then click the gear icon on the right and choose Save New Login from the pop-up menu.
    5. Submit the form in Safari to move on to the next screen (the one with the cat photo and the field to enter your password)
    6. Here again, please enter your password manually into the field in Safari, but do NOT press submit or enter. Go back to the 1Password extension and click the gear icon, and again choose "Save New Login."
    7. This time, however, choose Edit Existing and select the US Bank login item we created in the previous steps. Click Save to record the password information.
    8. Click Enter or Submit in Safari to login to US Bank, and then make sure you log OUT of US Bank, so we can test the login you saved in 1Password.
    9. In 1Password, select the US Bank login if it wasn't already selected, and click Edit at the lower right-hand corner of your screen to edit the record. Click Show Web Form Details, and you will get a string of items that include a lot of things you couldn't actually see on the webpage.
    10. Look down this list of items, and locate the one labeled "PersonalID." When you find it, edit the field name (not the field value, your actual username). Change it from PersonalID to username (lowercase).
    11. Delete ALL other fields you see in the Web Form Details section except the renamed "username" you just edited, and the one labeled "password" (verify that it contains your real password).
    12. When you're done, you should have username and password as the only remaining fields. Click Save in the lower right-hand corner to save the changes you made.
    13. In Safari, visit again, and try using the login we just created/edited. Use it on the first page, then on the second page as well.

    And if and when you run into login issues of any kind, be sure to let us know (just like you did in this case) so we can help and also improve 1Password itself. As a workaround, I'd suggest never creating a login by hand in the app, since manually saving it using the 1Password browser extension will give 1Password additional information about the form that it can use to fill it the next time.

    As far as autosave and preferences, the only way to know for certain is if you give an example of a case where it didn't work, and then when I try it it works for me; that would tell us that it's something peculiar to your system, and then we can try to narrow down the cause to find a solution for you.

    Thanks again for your patience and willingness to work with me on this. Let me know how it turns out! :)

  • OK. I followed your scenario exactly. I have documented what I did and each issue that came up for me. In the images below I have masked all personal information. The bottom line is that it didn't succeed.

    At step 4, I clicked on "Save New Login" then Save. The result was this:

    So far so good. I got to step 7, entered my password, brought up the "Save New Login" again, and ran into a problem: the instructions said to click on Save but there was no such button.

    The button at the bottom you finally click is labelled Update Existing (just like the button at the top), not Save. And, by the way, the user should check that the 1PW login item in the center box is the correct existing one. (I have several by now.)

    The resulting 1PW login item now looked like this.

    Note that 2 fields were added at the end of the web form data. The previous "password" field is still empty. The new "password" field had my correct password but the new "username" field contains "Temporary Access Code". The bottom line is that the web form data shows the initial "personalID" field, a new "username" field, and 2 "password" fields, one of which is blank.

    The dilemma: Your instructions say that 1PW saves additional information from the web page but is all that information shown here or is some simply hidden for later use? In other words, does it matter which UserID field and/or which password field I keep in the 1PW login item?

    Not knowing the answer, I simply followed the instructions, deleting all extraneous fields, and ended up with this:

    Note that the "username" (formerly personalID) field does not have the chess pawn icon on the right and there is no "username" field in the upper 1PW information. In other words, the resulting login item is flawed. (Yes, I tried it.)

    I next used the up/down arrows at the right of the web form "username" field to select the chess pawn icon. The result was this:

    Finally, I tried this (apparently good) 1PW login item. It failed. Using this 1PW login item to fill in my UserID on the first page worked fine but using it to fill in my password on the second page was a fiasco. Instead of my password, 1PW entered my UserID in the password box and it appeared in plain text:

    So now I'm at a loss what to try next. I hope the above might give you some idea(s).

    Mac OS/X 10.10.5
    Safari 9.0.3
    1PW 6.0.2
    1PW Ext 4.5.3

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hello @DLW42,

    Can you try the following for me please and let me know if this helps at all :smile:

    At the bottom of this post you're going to see a huge chunk of text. This is the JSON for a Login item I created for U.S. Bank.

    1. Select the entire chunk of text and copy to your OS X clipboard (as a keyboard user I always use ⌘C).
    2. Switch to 1Password's main window and go to the File menu. You should see an option titled New Item from Clipboard - select this option.
    3. This will create a new item in your vault titled U.S. Bank. Feel free to change the title to whatever you want.
    4. You will also want to update both the visible username and password fields at the top of the Login item. They're currently set to My Personal ID and MySuperSecretPassword - as you can imagine not very real :smile:
    5. Save this edited item.
    6. Load a fresh copy of the U.S. Bank's login page and attempt to fill using this new item.

    What should happen is that it fills the username field with whatever you changed the field in the Login item to and it should submit that first page. You should be taken to the password page and it should appear to be filled in already.

    Here is where things get a little less certain as I'm not a U.S. Bank customer, in fact I'm not even in the right country to become a customer of theirs :smile: What I'm hoping is the password field has been correctly filled in and all you should need to do is click the Log In button. This part I can't confirm because I don't have a real account to test with so it will always fail no matter what for me. I'm hoping though that it allows you to log in. As I'm not 100% certain I will be very interested in your feedback.

    {"sectionName":"U","details":{"backupKeys":["3ighUPIzpdbcM5ZHKVCKthTlhVqG9iNrbkmTytyZu9N02lhDzqihEzVvvuKeYdm7BDVYmAANBVwQ\/4xz9r7OBg=="],"htmlForm":{"htmlMethod":"LB1"},"fields":[{"value":"","id":";opid=__1","name":"","type":"B"},{"value":"My Personal ID","id":"txtPersonalId;opid=__2","name":"personalId","type":"T","designation":"username"},{"value":"","id":"chkRemember;opid=__4","name":"RememberUserId","type":"C"},{"value":"Log In","id":"btnContinue;opid=__5","name":"","type":"I"},{"value":"Go","id":"btnGo;opid=__6","name":"","type":"I"},{"value":"MM","id":";opid=__7","name":"monthForMMDD","type":"T"},{"value":"DD","id":";opid=__8","name":"dayForMMDD","type":"T"},{"value":"MM","id":";opid=__9","name":"monthForDate6","type":"T"},{"value":"DD","id":";opid=__10","name":"dayForDate6","type":"T"},{"value":"YY","id":";opid=__11","name":"yearForDate6","type":"T"},{"value":"MM","id":";opid=__12","name":"monthForMMYY","type":"T"},{"value":"YY","id":";opid=__13","name":"yearForMMYY","type":"T"},{"value":"HH","id":";opid=__14","name":"hour","type":"T"},{"value":"MM","id":";opid=__15","name":"minute","type":"T"},{"value":"","id":";opid=__16","name":"txtPhoneDigits1","type":"T"},{"value":"","id":";opid=__17","name":"txtPhoneDigits2","type":"T"},{"value":"","id":";opid=__18","name":"txtPhoneDigits3","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__19","name":"txtNumber4","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__20","name":"txtNumber5","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__21","name":"txtNumber6","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__22","name":"txtNumber","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__23","name":"txtAlpha","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__24","name":"txtAlphaNum","type":"T"},{"value":"Answer","id":";opid=__25","name":"txtEmail","type":"T"},{"value":"✓","id":"StepUpShieldQuestion_RegisterComputer;opid=__26","name":"StepUpShieldQuestion.RegisterComputer","type":"C"},{"value":"Continue","id":"btnContinue;opid=__27","name":"","type":"I"},{"value":"Temporary Access Code","id":"txtTempAccessCode;opid=__28","name":"tempAccessCode","type":"T"},{"value":"Continue","id":"btnContinue;opid=__29","name":"","type":"I"},{"value":"MySuperSecretPassword","id":"txtPassword;opid=__30","name":"password","type":"P","designation":"password"},{"value":"Log In","id":"btnLogin;opid=__31","name":"","type":"I"}]},"uuid":"E213CCB85BFE4C70AD55E2836C9BCA10","updatedAt":1457093612,"createdAt":1457093148,"categoryUUID":"001","overview":{"ps":80,"title":"U.S. Bank","url":"https:\/\/\/Auth\/Login?isWidget=true","ainfo":"My Personal ID","autosubmit":"default"},"URLs":[{"overview":{"label":"website","url":"https:\/\/\/Auth\/Login?isWidget=true"}},{"overview":{"label":"website","url":"https:\/\/\/index.html"}}]}

  • I'm impressed. That's very cool! Creating the login item was a breeze (I also prefer to use the keyboard BTW). Logging in to USbank worked fine with the minor exception that it didn't automatically "submit" after entering the username/personalID. No problem - I simply clicked the Log In box and all the right things happened.

    Thank you -very much- for taking the time to create the JSON. This is extraordinary "customer service" !!

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables 1Password Alumni

    Hi @DLW42,

    I'm glad I could help and thank you for letting us know that it worked. We'll have to see if we can take what we've learnt here and make it so that 1Password works better without all the fuss. Most importantly though is that you can log in now so again, thank you for letting us know :smile:

    If you have any other troublesome sites let us know!

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