Update Graphical User Interface (GUI) 1password v4 Windows?

I use 1password on a Mac, mobile device, and Windows. I understand that the Mac version was developed first and likely has had more time to be refined over time. I was curious if there are plans, and a timeline, to update the Windows version to better match the Mac layout? The Mac version seems to scale better (vs. on Windows 10), and generally run more smoothly (neither crash, but on similar hardware, the Mac version just seems to do things more quickly).

1Password Version: 4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @sietecielos,

    We are working on a new version of 1Password for Windows to bring support for 1Password for Teams, which will also be more consistent with other platforms but I don't have a timeframe on when it'll be released or when the beta testing will start.

    If you're on Windows 10, you can check out our Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app in the Windows 10 Store under the name 1Password Beta or click here. It is still in development and will not have all of the features but it should determine the design for our next version of the desktop program.

  • I agree 1pw Windows is pretty stone age compared to the mac. I used it for years before going to windows, it was better on the mac back then than windows is now. It seems to be progressing at a snails pace.

  • Thanks for your feedback, @justanotherokie.

    1Password for Windows is progressing at a fairly fast pace, acutally, although since the user interface refresh last year, the changes have happened almost exclusively under the hood.

    Right now, development is focussed on the 1Password for Teams-enabled version of 1Password for Windows.


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