I am in el capitan. 1Password>license sends me to the downloads folder and no place to paste

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I also have 1Password on Snow Leopard in the same computer. The license there is fine.
I shut down the Snow Leopard drive hoping to find a way to insert the license into el capitan.
As above, no luck. I am still informed that my trial has expired.

Thanks for you help.

1Password Version: 6.02
Extension Version: 4.5.3
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: dropbox
Referrer: kb:sales-faq


  • kenahlstromkenahlstrom
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    osx 10.11.3

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    @kenahlstrom - Most likely you are running 1Password 3 on your Snow Leopard partition. It uses an alphanumeric license key, which you would paste into the appropriate field to register your copy. But the last version of that was 3.8.22, which was replaced by version 4 in 2013, and it hasn't seen any further development since that time. But more importantly for your issue, when version 4 came out, that license key was replaced by a license file, which needs to be installed to register copies since version 4. Version 4, 5, and 6 all use the same license file, and 5 and 6 have been free upgrades from version 4.

    The upgrade to version 4 required an upgrade payment. If you want to continue to use 1Password on El Capitan, you don't have much choice but to upgrade your license. There have now been enough changes in OS X that 1Password 3 no longer works properly on El Capitan.

    You can find your discounted upgrade price by entering your version 3 license key on the AgileBits web store upgrades page, at this link. The email acknowledgement will have directions included on how to install the license file.

  • Vee_AGVee_AG
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    Hi @kenahlstrom,

    hawkmoth's reply here is exactly right. I hope this information is helpful to you. We're always here to help if you would like any further guidance with the upgrade process, with 1Password 6 for Mac, or anything else. :)

  • kenahlstromkenahlstrom
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    I have used 1Password for years and love it on my Mac Pro as well a iPad and iPhone.
    I cannot imagine being without it in this complicated world.
    Thank You for the update. It is worth the investment.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
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    On behalf of hawkmoth and Vee, you're very welcome! I'm really glad to hear that 1Password is so useful for you - we want our customers to enjoy using it as much as we love making & supporting it! :)

    We're here for you if you have more questions or need anything else.

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