Cannot fill name & password from iOS on TD Bank Web site

I reported this but from my iMac on the Synapse site, but just in case I'm reporting it here. (There seems to be no way to use Synapse from iOS.)

I have a login entry in my 1Password app which works successfully on my iMac. However, when I use the same (iCloud-synched) login item on my iPad, no data are entered in the name or password fields on the site. I can reproduce this easily. I tried to create a new login item manually in the Safari extension, and I tried to create a new login item from scratch in the 1Password app. Neither of these attempts changed the 1Password behavior. My only work-around so far is to type in my account name manually and to copy the (far from memorable) password from 1Password's Safari extension on iOS and paste it into the TD Bank password field. Needless to say, this isn't very convenient.

1Password Version: 6.2.2
Extension Version: 4.5.3
OS Version: iOS 9.2.1 (13D15)
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: kb:fix-website-login, kb:update-1password, kb:save-login-manually, kb:report-website


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    @Bill9999 Thanks for your post. I'm sorry for the trouble, but this is a known limitation with login filling on iOS. The problem is that the TD Bank site uses frames for its filling, and right now, 1Password's scripts do not handle iframes on iOS. On Mac, the extensions frameworks from the browsers like Safari handle injecting our scripts into every frame on the page. This will take some careful consideration for us to handle better on iOS, but it is something we want to explore very soon. I'm sorry for the trouble in the meantime!

    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ AgileBits

    ref: OPX-1085

  • Yes, thank you. I strongly urge you to work with Apple's software engineers to solve this problem, since it probably affects many of your iOS customers. I use my iPad much more than my Mac, so this is causing a real problem for me.

  • jxpx777jxpx777 Code Wrangler 1Password Alumni

    @Bill9999 You're absolutely right. This is an issue we need to address and fairly soon, but of course, I can't offer a timeframe for when to expect it. When we have it in place, though, we'll be sure to include it in our release notes. :)

  • Just to let you know, my wife couldn't get into her online bank account from her iPad tonight. She had to copy and paste her account information from 1Password manually. It turns out the Web page she went to, unlike all the other CapitalOne login pages I have seen, has this iframe problem:

  • Hi @Bill9999,

    In both cases the real fix has to come from us but the promising part is a fix for one should fix not just both of these but a number of sites that cause us problems because of these IFrames.

    Of course having to wait for us to get this fixed isn't great either which brings me to a suggestion that may or may not be of some use. There are a couple of tricks that sometimes can help but it does vary a lot on the site.

    The Toronto Dominion Bank: It isn't possible to access the IFrame directly, a trick that sometimes works but they do have a mobile version of their site which is available at Now it's entirely possible that it doesn't contain all the same functionality or maybe some other deal breaker issue but it does have one advantage over their normal login page and that is no IFrame is being used. The site is different though so I had to jump through a couple of hoops when using the stable version of 1Password for iOS that I didn't when running some alpha code.

    {"sectionName":"T","details":{"backupKeys":["iUyBlmtJpYYPCJtkqqpAZ7eeMt0WZogYET3R2ZxEC3TScSqTHwJxi5jTiMf6LR6KMdSLu6zWHYRosqYRhZf3Lg=="],"htmlForm":{"htmlMethod":"LB1"},"fields":[{"value":"username","id":"UserName;opid=__1","name":"UserName","type":"P","designation":"username"},{"value":"password","id":"Password;opid=__2","name":"Password","type":"P","designation":"password"},{"value":"","id":"rememberMe;opid=__3","name":"rememberMe","type":"C"}]},"uuid":"3EAEDB875C6B404C9A78C4B5958F35A4","updatedAt":1457103823,"createdAt":1457103392,"categoryUUID":"001","overview":{"title":"Tdbank (iOS)","url":"https:\/\/\/User.aspx\/LogOn","ainfo":"username","ps":1},"URLs":[{"overview":{"label":"website","url":"https:\/\/\/User.aspx\/LogOn"}}]}

    That chunk of text is what we call a JSON of a Login item. Here is what I would like you to try for me please.

    1. Copy that chunk of text to your OS X clipboard. As a keyboard shortcut user I tend to use ⌘C but it's a preference thing.
    2. Open the main 1Password window and in the File menu you should see a new option that normally isn't there titled New Item from Clipboard. Select this menu option.
    3. This will create a new Login item in your vault titled Tdbank (iOS).
    4. Alter the username and password fields so they have the correct information and not the placeholder information I used when creating the item. Feel free to change the title to something better too :smile:
    5. Save the changes and let this sync to your iOS device.
    6. In 1Password for iOS, tap on the website field. This will load the site in 1Browser and should fill both fields correctly.

    What I found is that no matter what I did I can't get their mobile page to fill properly in iOS Safari right now but we do seem to have improvements that will help down the line, improvements that mean a single item would properly fill both their mobile site and their normal login page from a single Login. This is a separate issue from the one that plagues us with IFrames though. Yes, it does seem we struggle with :( The above though should allow you to have a working Login item for their mobile site that works in 1Browser on your iPad. The improvements we need to make in the future include making that Login item work in iOS Safari as well as the big one of working with IFrames in iOS.

    Capital One: In a very similar situation, we can't try the trick of loading the IFrame directly for the same reasons as TD Bank but like TD Bank they also have a mobile version of their site. The following URL seems to be for the same thing as the URL you posted in your last message. I could get to the URL you posted if I said I wanted to log into a US Credit Card (personal) and if I visit their site from my iPhone and say I want to do the same they direct me to

    That page at least works properly in iOS Safari but there is the same caveat as before, it may be the mobile version of their site simply isn't acceptable for some reason and that the only real way forward will be to get IFrames working.

    So none of this is meant to suggest that IFrames in iOS isn't something we need to tackle, it definitely is. I'm just hoping their respective mobile sites might allow you to at least gain some access while you're forced to wait. I will look forward to hearing your feedback with interest as in both cases I can't comment on the mobile versions of their sites.

  • Thanks for your help. The TD Bank mobile login worked as you described. I was also able to log into the CapitalOne mobile site. At least this is a start. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, these banks' mobile sites leave a lot to be desired. At least in the case of CapitalOne, there's a link to switch to the full Web site. Unfortunately, once you get there it asks for your login credentials again. Anyway, I hope you are eventually able to solve the embedded iframe problem. Would Apple give your developers any help?

  • Hello @Bill9999,

    It's a shame the mobile versions of the two sites was lacking. Sadly it was a distinct possibility as sometimes they assume somebody on a mobile device is looking for a narrower set of functions. I too really hope we can get this resolved as many sites do now use IFrames in this way and if we can work with IFrames in 1Password for iOS it will solve a number of frustrations with a wide variety of sites. I genuinely don't know if there is much Apple could do to assist us or if it's on us to find the solution or maybe the problem is that it's simply a very different platform with different hardware etc. I'm not the best person to answer that final bit but what I would say is I do believe that if we need to reach out to Apple that we will and depending on the situation I'm sure they would be receptive :smile: Fingers crossed!

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