hey, my company set up a common access, but I lost my access codes. Can you reset my account ?

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my company (xxxxx) set up accounts (i think even twice: once with xxxxxx.1password.com which every body lost access to) and xxxxxx.1password.com, which I lost access to.
Can you reset / destroy my account so that the account owner can send me an invite again ?

edit: WTF are the support questions public ?

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    @bor: Since you seem to be referring to 1Password for Teams, I've moved this discussion to that category of the forums.

    The account owner will be able to remove your account...but a better option would be to have them begin the Recovery process for you:

    How to recover a locked-out account.

    That will allow you to create a new Master Password and Account Key. I hope this helps. Be sure to let us know if you have any other questions! :)

  • thx !

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    On behalf of Brenty you are most welcome.

    edit: WTF are the support questions public ?

    Yes, these are public forums. This gives us the ability to answer questions in a way that the answers may be meaningful to a number of customers, instead of just one. It makes finding answers to common questions about 1Password much easier. If you have a sensitive matter to discuss, or our reply requires sensitive details to fully address your question, we'll direct you to a more private setting. But most support communication starts here.



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