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Does 1Password autofill input fields?

Does 1Password autofill input fields? I am using Chrome and it doesn't?
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the extension but it is still not working.

Please assist - Thanks!

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OS Version: OX 10.11.4
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    Hi, @nick_aglet. I'm sorry for the trouble you're having. Autofill is a thorny word, and it's one I have to restrain myself from correcting here in the forums a lot. (Our team knows "autofill" is a taboo word when discussing 1Password form filling internally. :))

    "Autofill" usually means that when you load up the page, your details automatically fill without you performing any additional action. Many people are used to this from using their browser's built-in password saving and filling, so it's understandable to have this expectation. But 1Password does not do this kind of autofill and we have been commended for avoiding this practice in security papers investigating password managers.

    When people talk about 1Password "autofill", they usually mean 1Password's process of populating fields with your item's data. 1Password only ever enters your data into a page as a result of your specific instruction. This instruction could come in a few different forms such as double clicking a Login in the list in the main 1Password application or choosing a Login, Credit Card, or Identity item from the browser extension popup after you've navigated to a page manually.

    So, given that distinction, if you're still seeing incorrect behavior, please let us know what specific steps you're taking to fill your item's information and which page the process is failing on. Is it all of them or just a few? Are you having trouble with a Login item or filling a Credit Card or Identity? Let us know and we'll see how best to proceed.


    Jamie Phelps
    Code Wrangler @ AgileBits

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