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Hi Guys,

I have all three flavors of 1Password: Mac, iPhone and iPad and I have a few questions about the icons for software licenses:

1. On the mac, there is the menu option: Tools -> Update Existing Software Licenses...

What does this command do? Does it fecth the icons of Application I have in 1Password IF I have them installed? Or is it supposed to grab icons from some central database (great idea if not ;))

2. Are these icons supposed to sync to either iPhones or iPads?

I'm just getting generic application icons.




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    Good morning Jay,

    at least it is morning here :lol: umm don't know about where you are.

    Also you forgot one the Win Beta version, Its in the family err.... a flavor. Although My fav is the Mac, and iPhone no iPad yet.

    1. Yes, they are pulled from your Mac, sorry no repository of icons.
    2. No not yet, maybe in a future update (As a good friend MartyS says thats no promise just my hope)

    I use Shelf View.

    When I create a new entry what I do is drag the app onto the left hand pane (over the vaults) of 1P I get a green plus mark, release it and then it will grab things like icon and version etc if it can, atleast the icon and name.

    For existing entries you can enter edit mode and do the same by dragging the icon from you application folder on to the right hand section where the generic icon is.

    Dont worry so long as you release the icon while over 1P it will not get removed from your applications folder. err I have never had one that did yet. :smile:
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    Thanks for the informative response. Unfortunately, I have many licenses for software that I don't have installed, so I'll just have to live with the generic icons for now.

    Does 1Password store the icon in such a fashion that will endure the application's deletion? Or is it more of a live lookup?
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    Nope its stored in your keychain, so its there till you delete the entry.

    Back in the pre beta days I just went to most of the sites and or searched google for icons to use. You can set aside 10 a day or so. You want loose that much time and it gives you a distraction form work and a feeling of accomplishment. Well it did me anyway, I had to import everything by hand from licensekeeper back then.
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