Chrome Extension breaks PayPal login form when filling

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I've noticed that version 0.7.2 of the 1Password Chrome Extension breaks the PayPal login form you get when logging in to verify a transaction.

Since there is both a signup and a login form on that page, 1Password fills every single field with my e-mail address (my username).

Consequently, some Javascript validation mechanism prevents me from submitting the login, because the fields "postal code" and "phone number" appear to be invalid (e-mail address instead of numbers).

I do realize that this nuisance is partly PayPal's fault for not checking which form I want to submit (login vs. register), but it would help if 1Password used a more sensible algorithm to find out which fields to fill.

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  • gordon142gordon142 Junior Member
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    Seconded. While I seem to remember that 1Password does this for Paypal in all browsers, it is only when using it with Chrome that it prevents me from submitting the form. Nothing happens when I hit the submit button after using 1Password.
  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
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    Thanks, folks. I'm sorry for this trouble. We look forward to providing more accurate form filling when using the Chrome extension.
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