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I have a probebly phishing attack by
They are asking to login to my 1password account, what can I do?
Popups keep opening

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  • ag_kevinag_kevin

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    Hi @BobV,

    I can confirm this is not a phishing attack.

    Here is the explanation of what is happening, followed by a solution.

    When you set up sync to iCloud, you were asked to log in to iCloud with your AppleID. In return Apple provided 1Password with a "token" so it can continue to log in and sync your 1Password data without asking you to log in each time. These tokens do not have a definitive expiry date, but they can expire. Usually this happens when you change your password or security settings for your AppleID. However, this morning, I too got prompted for login, so it appears Apple has expired many (if not all) of these tokens.

    Now, on to the reason for the multiple prompts. What should happen when the token expires is that you simply get prompted for your AppleID once and then it syncs again. Unfortunately, there is a bug where the token is not saved by 1Password after it expires and you get prompted. So every time 1Password tries to sync it prompts you again. This bug has been fixed in an upcoming update to 1Password so this should be the last time you see this. In the future, it will tell you why you are being prompted for your AppleID, and should prompt you only once.

    I do apologize for the inconvenience this is causing, but we do have a solution for you. The instructions to do this are:

    1. Open the 1Password application and go to Preferences and click on Sync.
    2. Select the Primary vault and set Sync to none. Do not check the box to remove data from iCloud when asked. You want to leave it there.
    3. Set Sync back to iCloud and it will ask you to log in with your Apple ID one more time. This should be the last time, until your login token expires at some point in the future.

    Again, please accept our apologies and let us know if you need assistance with the above instructions.


  • rkbaker48rkbaker48
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    Thanks Kevin. I have followed your instructions, and hope that this will solve the problem. In the meantime, there is a window in my browser where I am "signing in" to Apple. The only things on that page are an Apple logo in the upper left corner, and a revolving circle in the middle of the page (presumably denoting that I am "signing in" in perpetuity as nothing happens. Can I close this window? Should I expect to see this window each time I use 1Password until the next release? Thanks for your help.

  • nathanvfnathanvf
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    Hey there @rkbaker48,

    Once you've authenticated you can go ahead and close the browser window.

    You should not have to constantly log in once you've followed the steps that Kevin outlined above. Let us know if it keeps happening however so we can investigate further if it is.

  • jmbreitiganjmbreitigan
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    Thank you Kevin. Your work around worked on 1Password on my iMac and Mac Book Air. Thank you for the prompt help.
    Regards, John

  • nmottnmott
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    We're glad everything is working as expected again, John! Do let us know if there's anything else we can help with :)

  • insaneboyinsaneboy
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    This is happening to me too. driving me NUTS!!! logged in yesterday to make it stop. Then I used 1Password today to save a login and it started again! even uninstalling the 1Password extension did't make it make it stop!

  • nathanvfnathanvf
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    Hey there @insaneboy,

    Apparently iCloud is having the same behaviour today as yesterday :blush:

    It's unfortunate but we're hoping this is just something that will happen temporarily since it's so inconvenient for everyone.

    Removing the extension would not work, it's to do with your iCloud syncing setup with 1Password. So if 1Password is unlocked it will try to sync and you will hit this issue.

    Sorry about that.

  • insaneboyinsaneboy
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    Without the extension installed and a restart of safari I got a dialog box saying something along the lines of my session being timed out when I opened the main 1Password app. I closed the dialog box and at least its not constantly bringing up the login page now.

  • nmottnmott
    1Password Alumni

    @insaneboy This is caused by the expiration of the token used to allow syncing via iCloud. That isn't something inside our control, but if you sign in to your Apple ID when that page appears, you'll be able to sync and, hopefully, shouldn't see that dialog or web page again for a while. If you want to sync via Dropbox instead to avoid this issue you can do that; otherwise you won't be able to sync until you've done one or the other. I hope that makes sense, and I apologize for any inconvenience :(

  • krogerskrogers
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    I am also having this issue and tried the fix yesterday. It seemed to have worked but now the popups are back again today....

  • nmottnmott
    1Password Alumni

    @krogers for some reason the tokens were set to expire again last night. That's outside our control, but we hope that they're done offing themselves, as it would be nice for all of us not to have to deal with these pop-ups ;)

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