Is it possible to force password rotation against a team.

We would like to enforce a policy to force all 1Password users to change their master password bi-annually or as requested.

Is this possible?

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  • Hi @sdf
    There is no way in 1Password to force a user to change their master password. This is something you would have to enforce internally. Make sure your users are aware of the policy and perhaps send out a reminder email when it is time to make changes.
    Hope this suggestion might help.

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  • brentybrenty 1Password Alumni

    @rjh, @sdf: Correct. It isn't something 1Password Teams is designed to "enforce". I'd also encourage a critical examination of the purpose of the policy, since the Master Password alone is insufficient to access the data, and both the Master Password and Account Key are never transmitted. So unless you believe that your teammates are giving this information away or your systems are not under your control, having been infiltrated by an attacker, this is more likely to encourage your teammates to use weaker passwords they can memorize more easily since they'll have to go through this repeatedly.

    That said, an Owner or Admin can begin the recovery process for any member, which will have them setup a new Master Password and generate a new Account Key. But again, we have to be careful not to make people jump through so many hoops that they're motivated to adopt less secure practices. Cheers! :)

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