Very frustrated no one is responding to emails sent to support - any human friends there??

Can someone PLEASE get back to me re my email: support ID is [#BHH-87681-267]. Still waiting on my license key !

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  • @Stuart4570 if you bought it from the agilebits store you can go to this webpage and enter your email adress and get the license key resend to you.

  • brentybrenty

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    @Stuart4570: I'm sorry for the wait! We absolutely respond to everyone's emails...but we try to do so on a first-come-first-served basis. We're always working to improve, but our response time is still more than a few hours I'm afraid.

    While ntimo is right that existing licenses can be retrieved through the website linked above,
    unfortunately we don't have any records matching this email address. Did you perhaps use different information at the time of purchase?

    Alternatively, you may have purchased 1Password from the Mac App Store. In that case, we won't have any record of it, as it is owned and operated by Apple. But you can download it again from the App Store at any time since it is tied to your Apple ID. Just go to your purchase history and search for it.

    If you're still having trouble finding it, please check your records, as you'll have an email receipt regardless of where it was purchased. It should also include transaction details that may help track it down.

    However, it appears that you may have signed up for 1Password Families. If so, you don't have a license, nor do you need one. You'll simply use your 1Password Account to login to the app (or website) on each device to access your data.

    Thanks for posing the Support ID here! I'll send you a message via email in case there is some more sensitive purchase information that needs to be sorted out, and we can continue the conversation there. Cheers! :)

    ref: BHH-87681-267

  • Brenty - rather than post here I have sent you an email reply in response to the one you sent me.

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    Thanks Stuart4570. We received your email and will respond as soon as possible.


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