Problems around generating long passwords.

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Using the Strong Password Generator, set for 20 characters. I try to Fill.

why is it not limiting the size and telling me in advance? I don't like it when it lets me do something and then slaps me.

At this point I took the screen shot attached.

Then I agreed to Shorten and Fill.

Second problem: The password stored in the Password for is the long version, not shortened.


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    Sorry for the trouble, Ned. Which version of 1Password are you using?
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    I just updated my sig with more configuration info, and the signature applies even to prior posts, which makes justG seem to be asking an unneeded question. When G asked the info wasn't in my post. :-)
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    Ned wrote:
    Second problem: The password stored in the Password for is the long version, not shortened.

    There is a bug in 3.1.3 that prevents 1Password from saving generated passwords properly. This has been resolved in the latest 3.2 beta, which you can install by clicking 1Password > Preferences > Updates > [enable beta versions] > Check Now. Based on some recent forum feedback, Chad's made some more changes to the password generator. These are not present in the latest beta (beta 3) but will be soon.

    If 1Password is able to detect the maximum permitted length of a password, I have seen it automatically adjust this when I open the password generator. For example, if my default setting is 16 characters and the site permits at most 12, I see the slider set to 12 when I open the generator. I've seen the alert you posted when I have tried to generate and fill a longer password than is allowed in spite of what 1Password is telling me to do.

    It sounds like 1Password is already designed to behave as you'd like, but it's certainly possible that we have a bug here. I'd like to test a beta with Chad's latest password generator changes and see if the problems still exist.

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