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  • @khad it is probably obvious to most, but if there is a tracking for who wants "1Password for Individuals", include me in that. Thanks.

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    Hi @cwanja,

    Consider your vote added. :)

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    I tracked this forum down after struggling all day yesterday with a 1PW/dropbox sync issue. All I needed was the newly created facebook password I had created at home 2 hours earlier, which was not transmitting to my remote location at the time. Since time was short and I didn't have time to run down rabbit trails for solving this issue, I normally would have turned to 1PWA as my go-to solution for the needed copy and paste of a complex, 20 character password. Imagine my disappointment to see such a simple feature gone without explanation!

    I hope this issue will be reconsidered as a matter of good faith. I understand that companies cannot support all features forever but this truly is an amazing component to a fantastic application.

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    Please include me in the list tracking those who want "1Password for Individuals". Thanks. I am unable to install or run unapproved software on my work computer and local file access is disabled on my web browser. Personal electronic devices are not allowed in my workspace which means transcribing from my phone is not an option either.

  • I would consider 1P for Individuals if the price is right.

    I can see where this is probably going, 1P for Individuals will end up in the product range. Will there be a discussion about pricing? Or at least a cheaper option for grandfathered users?

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    We don't have anything at all to announce with regard to a future 1Password account for individuals, but it's certainly something that has come up internally before. I've made sure the devs know you are all interested in it! :+1:

  • Hi
    I have my own server. Is there any tutorial or instructions on how I could use 1PasswordforAnywhere on my own server, how do I load i get a copy of my passwords to upload on my server? And how would that be in sync?


  • @rochak 1Password Anywhere is outdated and no longer supported. So there is no way to use it anymore. Also you should use opvault because its more secure then agilekeychain.

  • @ntimo ok thanks

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    I don't think @ntimo is correct. Certainly 1PW Anywhere is outdated and no longer supported.

    But my understanding is that it can be used in your situation, though you need to be aware of its weaknesses. It will need someone who knows more than I do to explain how to get it working, and it may depend on the details of your server.

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    To be clear: AgileBits is no longer supporting 1PasswordAnywhere, which means that we cannot assist with setting it up or with its usage. We do not recommend using it, as it was designed for 2009 technology and security threats (both of which have evolved significantly since then, while 1PasswordAnywhere has not).

    If you choose to continue using it, you do so at your own risk, and without our support.

    It is well known that the Agile Keychain data format, required for using 1PasswordAnywhere, does not encrypt all of your meta data. Information such as the titles and URLs of items are stored in plain text. This means if anyone is able to get their hands on your keychain that information will be available to them. For this and other reasons we would not recommend storing an Agile Keychain on a server that you operate unless you are aware of and able to take the necessary security precautions to prevent the keychain from being accessed by someone other than yourself. When Dropbox supported 1PasswordAnywhere this was much less of a concern, as someone would need access to your Dropbox account to get that far. When you put 1PasswordAnywhere on your own web server you do not have that built-in protection by default.

    This may seem strongly worded, but I want everyone who intends to continue using 1PasswordAnywhere to be aware of the concerns. While it may still be technically possible under very limited circumstances to use 1PasswordAnywhere we cannot recommend any of them.


  • Count me as one more user disappointed by the quiet dropping of 1Password Anywhere. It's possible I was not subscribing to the right information, but it seems this feature was dropped without adequately notifying the 1Password userbase. I discovered this during my first day on my new job where I wanted to quickly grab an account password, and was mysteriously unable to access 1Password Anywhere through Dropbox. I had no idea if it was a bug due to a Dropbox update, or a browser issue, or what.

    The AgileBits employees here have heard this plenty of times, I'm sure, but it's just not cool to kill a useful feature so quietly, and it's disappointing to be instructed to go buy something else if you want to keep doing the same thing you were already doing. I already bought your software, guys, so I'm not in the market for a subscription model of the same thing, at least not until the version I have a license for stops working well on the latest version of macOS.

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    @Rikki: I don't blame you for not reading the rest of this long discussion, but definitely check out the announcement for more details:

    Moving Beyond 1PasswordAnywhere

    Long story short, we didn't "kill" 1PasswordAnywhere. It hasn't been under active development for years, and some recent changes to Dropbox prevent it from working there going forward. I agree that that's a terrible way to find out that 1PasswordAnywhere no longer works, and I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that caused you. :(

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    [Abusive language removed by moderator.]

    Why should I buy a subscription for something that use to work?
    And why the heck should I buy a pack for teams or families?
    I an 1 person and I have bought this software once.

    This really makes you guys look like greedy money hungry company :-(

    As you can see I'm really disappointed.. I even created an account just to post this message!!

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    @Buchho: Next time you post a message, take the time to consider that this isn't your personal space to use any language you choose. While I appreciate your frustration, we want to keep things friendly on the forums, so please refrain from using inappropriate language of any kind. Not okay. I'm sure you can think of ways to express yourself that don't cross that line.

    Here in the forums we do try to edit user content as little as possible, but on occasion we are forced to make a judgement call. While it's quite understandable that you're frustrated at the moment, we still need to keep the forums as friendly as possible for the wide range of people that visit. Be sure to keep that in mind in the future. We're happy to have you here, so long as you can adhere to the guidelines:

    Forum guidelines

    And after all, we're here to help, and there are things you can do to facilitate this:

    Help us help you

    Now, working our way back from that little distraction,

    Why should I buy a subscription for something that use to work?
    And why the heck should I buy a pack for teams or families?
    I an 1 person and I have bought this software once.

    You certainly don't have to subscribe to anything. The software you paid for hasn't changed. However, the security landscape and platforms that 1Password depended on have over the years. This applies equally to 1Password 3, which was developed for OS X Snow Leopard and Lion, and also 1PasswordAnywhere, which was developed for Dropbox and browser versions too old to easily recall.

    This really makes you guys look like greedy money hungry company :-(

    I don't think it's "greedy" or "money hungry" at all for us to get paid for the work we do, any more than it is for you. I realize that it may be a huge inconvenience for Dropbox to stop allowing 1Password.html to load your vault data, but there isn't a lot of software I can think of (none, actually) from the last decade that I can still use today.

    This isn't something any of us hope for, obviously, but it's the reality. Things change, and for the most part we want them to, because that's how we get awesome new apps and features. But the other side of that coin is that old stuff breaks eventually.

    As you can see I'm really disappointed.. I even created an account just to post this message!!

    I'm really glad you took the time to do so! And I suspect that you have other thoughts worth sharing as well. So long as you're willing to voice your concerns in a manner that is respectful of everyone who frequents this public support forum, we're happy to listen to what you have to say and continue the discussion. Cheers! :)

  • It's now July 19 and not another comment since July 13? WTF?

    This has been a truly fascinating read. I just spent several hours reading through the entire thread. The only reason I dropped in on the forums is to make some suggestions for improvements. I had no idea at all that this was going on. I had just been using 1Password with little or no problems (other than having to kick a client occasionally to get it to sync - I see reading the recent release notes that these problems have supposedly been addressed).

    Before I go on let me say I have been a very satisfied customer of AgileBits for almost exactly four years, ever since I purchased a family license for 1Password 3. I have willingly paid for upgrades when asked. I have recommended it to others. (I am very cautious when I purchase and it's difficult to get an enthusiastic endorsement from me.) For those who have complained about the price: I understand the advantage of and use much Open Source software. But Stallman is just too purist. When you need to get the job done, often you have to buy polished commercial software and pay to keep it polished in the face of changing technology.

    I consider 1Password to be the Cadillac of password managers. (Oops! Showing my age. Dated 20th century reference. Should have said that 1Password is the Lexus of password managers. Or perhaps one of you younger folks can suggest a more apt comparison.) My partner often says, "How did we live without 1Password?"

    The interaction among nol, pier25, and then brenty and the other AB support folks has been especially interesting.

    A great example of what the anthropologists call the difference between emic and etic. In simple terms, emic is being in a culture and looking out. Etic is being outside a culture and looking in. The AB support folks are emic, looking out from the coding culture of AB. AB's customer's are looking into the strange culture of the coders. Obviously some of them are angrily asking, why did we buy into this shit in order to be treated this way?

    brenty: thank you for the numerous examples of how to be a passive-aggressive tech support. You concede a point and then go right back to bashing your customers, offering rationalizations, straw men and jargon. You need a different job. It reflects badly on AB that they have let you go on so long in this thread.

    FOR THE EMIC FOLKS AT AGILEBITS: You live and breathe 1Password. I use it as a tool. It is the center of your life. It is not the center of mine. I use lots of technologies. There is not enough time in the day to become master of all of them. I don't just casually drop in at to catch up on things. Just to occasionally ask questions or make suggestions. That's why I opted into you communicating with me. WHICH YOU FAILED TO DO ADEQUATELY.

    Looking into my gmail account I have 80 emails that mention 1Password in some context or other. About half are from AB. Lots of touting of new and wonderful features and solutions. NOT ONE MENTION THAT 1PASSWORDANYWHERE WAS GOING AWAY. The excuse that warning me would be spamming me is horsepucky as I opted-in to receive announcements from your company.

    Customers should be warned, and usually are, when a feature is going to be deprecated. If I had been told upfront that this was an important feature that would of necessity be deprecated (which you evidently knew at the time), I would have planned for the eventuality. And probably would have purchased 1Password anyway as the best choice.

    I recently spent some time on the road because of a family emergency. I can easily envision a situation in which I turned to 1PasswordAnywhere to retrieve important information only to find I couldn't. In that case, I wouldn't be posting on this forum. I would be talking with my attorney.

    So AB makes the excuse that they didn't know how people were using their software because they have such great respect for their customers' privacy. Yeah, right. As if there aren't any well known tools for gathering information about software usage without violating privacy. You just didn't bother. So you were obviously completely clueless about how important 1PasswordAnywhere was to so many of your customers.

    That feature, to be used in an emergency, was an important factor in my purchase. Three years ago I wrote this to one of my sons (one of the persons using my family license): "I sync 1Password through Dropbox. That way I can use the 1PasswordAnywhere feature & securely access the information even if my devices are down or unavailable. All I have to have is a web browser, my Dropbox password & my 1Password password."

    AB put 1PasswordAnywhere in as a stopgap for lack of a Windows client. How would I have ever known that? I bought it as part of a package of features.

    So I have now a task. Go back out into the marketplace and evaluate possible password managers. Or maybe I just won't bother this time. Perhaps I'll just settle for Keychain sync through iCloud for my numerous Apple devices. That would lack features that 1Password has but there are other ways to fill in the gaps. Or perhaps I won't even try. Maybe I'll revert to more 'primitive' technologies like pen and paper that don't require annual payments.

    AB's new pricing structure lacks granularity. They need to stop kicking the can down the road (more important things on our plates!) and address this. Individuals who need web access but not all the wonderful sharing features of 'Families' should be accommodated. A retired couple (family of 2) shouldn't have to pay for 5. A combined family of 7 shouldn't have to pay for 10. It's all too much compared to what AB asked us to pay in the past.

    I'm not holding my breath. Reading back through these months of comments has made me realize there is now something seriously wrong culturally at AB. It happens. Oh, well. It was a good four year (and more for others) run. (There was a time, long past, when Microsoft Word 6 was the cat's meow of word processors. And Lotus 1-2-3 ruled the spreadsheet roost.)

  • Hello AgileBits team - just adding my vote also that individuals really need some alternative to 1P Anywhere.

    This function brought great reassurance that we'd always be able to access login details. I appreciate that smartphone apps can carry this data wherever, but these would be no use without battery. 1P Anywhere let me know I'd be able to access my data in even in more unlikely circumstances.

    Please keep us informed of any discussion on this note!

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    Hi @RichBT,

    Thank you for supporting us all these years. We wouldn't be here without you!

    I'm not sure what I can really add to the discussion as we've gone in circles here for a while now but I at least wanted to step in and say hi. You took the time to write in so waving back is the least I could do :)

    You mentioned a few points that I can try to shed some more light on.

    First, you're right, if we wanted to spy on our customers we could have added that "feature" and done so. It's certainly possible as many companies do that already. The thing is, it's simply not who we are. We are a 100% customer funded company with zero venture capital. Instead we have a very simple business model: we sell software that people enjoy using and are willing to purchase. We have no need to collect information about our customers and indeed we much prefer that we don't. The less information we have the better. We can't lose, use, or abuse customer information we don't have and we like it that way. Someday we might add analytics to 1Password to help us understand how much a feature is used (we don't currently and have decided against doing so in the past) but even if we do it will be completely anonymous usage information.

    As for my newsletters that I send out, I wrestle with the right balance for each and every one that I send. Each one goes through a rigorous editing cycle and a lot of important information ends up being removed as it would detract from the even more important messages in the email. If I had a list of everyone who used 1PasswordAnywhere I wouldn't have minded sending out a targeted email, but the vast majority of people didn't even know what it was. Many people didn't even have 1PasswordAnywhere installed (we had stopped including it on our website a long time ago and newly created vaults didn't even include the 1Password.html file) so I found it hard to want to email our entire user base about a feature most never heard of and many didn't even have access to.

    I also want to reiterate that we did not actively reach out and break 1PasswordAnywhere. It was something that was designed a long ago and relied on a set of technologies that changed and went away. In many ways it is like trying to run 1Password 2 on El Capitan – the app is the same as it was back in 2010 but the technologies in OS X it relied upon have changed and so many of the features cannot be used in the new environment.

    Finally we have to keep in mind that 1PasswordAnywhere itself was built as a standalone web application which is not the typical way things are done. Sure it's possible but there are so many more things that can be done when you have a server backend that you can integrate with. You're seeing this already with 1Password Families as we're able to do many more things than were ever possible with 1PasswordAnywhere.

    I hope that helps clear things up at least a little bit and highlight what I was thinking during this time. It's never easy when old features break and it's a good reminder to me that we should double down on our core features as it's hard to maintain every feature over the long haul.

    @NeonAnimalStash: Thank you for casting your vote! At this point I think the best way forward is to to create a 1Password account with 1Password Families. With a 1Password Families you can log into your account on and get full access to all your information, including the ability to edit items, add items and documents, and even restore older versions of items. The one thing you'll have to keep in mind, however, is 1Password accounts are protected by your Master Password and your Account Key, so you'll need to make sure you keep your Account Key with you. For example, you could write it down and store it in your wallet.

  • Hi there,

    I've just registered here to state my disapointment.
    I'm really considering leaving 1password for good.

    You may have your reasons, but I'm a customer and I feel betrayed.
    I'm on the same boat with many who just want to access to 1password data in the work computer.

    Paint it as you like but in my point of view this is a greedy move that in time will cost AB a lot.

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    Hi @asmp,

    I'm sorry you feel that way. I wouldn't blame you at all if you haven't read this entire thread... it has gotten quite lengthy. But I would ask that you read Dave's post, just above yours, if you haven't already:

    Moving Beyond 1PasswordAnywhere discussion - Page 7 — AgileBits Support Forum

    Depending on your situation there may be other ways of accessing your 1Password data at work. If you'd like to discuss your requirements we'd be happy to help point you in the right direction.



  • Hi All,

    It's such a shame to have to register for forums just to make a complaint. I guess it shows how good 1Password is in general. I've never needed to get into the forums to find out how features worked, or get involved with this kind of discussion - until now.

    It seems to me that 1Password Anywhere slipped through the net. It must have done. If, upon it's formal demise it had no been supported for years, and was a security risk, then I would have expected AgileBits to have taken an active step to discontinue it a long time ago (when it was recognised to be a risk, for example.) If it is NOT an isolated incident, then I would have severe concerns about just how far the reality of AgileBits software development is from Dave Teare's marketing. For now, I will believe Dave Teare paints a faithful picture of his company and software.

    I think @RichBT made an excellent post. The behaviour of the AgileBits representatives in this thread has not shown the company in a good light. Whatever your intentions were, AgileBits, you MUST admit that the impression in many of your users is that you now want $5 a month for a service that used to be free. Clearly the underlying facts are more complicated, and this is the result of decisions taken separately and with other motivations. Explaining all that went on inside the business doesn't change what the business appeared to do. You have a (minor?) PR mess which you didn't anticipate and so far you have not resolved.

    Earlier in this thread I see "1Password for individuals" mentioned. This would seem like a nice way to go. Maybe for $1 per month? I pay that much on Patreon to various people who supply frequent, high quality journalism on topics which interest me. Is it worth that much so I don't have to hand-transcribe 20 character passwords from a tiny phone screen? Maaaybe...

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    Hi everyone,

    We do now offer a "1Password for Individuals" (as it were -- we're simply calling it 1Password). This comes with fully featured web access:

    • Read & write access to all of your 1Password data, much like you'd see it in one of our native apps
    • Ability to access all of the vaults within your 1Password account from a single screen

    Web access is just one of the many features that having a account gives you. You can see more details here:

    Pricing - 1Password

    Hopefully this will help a number of people that were looking for a replacement for the now defunct 1PasswordAnywhere.



  • @Ben Just to say thank you to the AgileBits team for setting up 'Individual' memberships, which several of us longterm users had asked about in this thread. I'll certainly be taking on the trial to give it a spin.

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    Indeed! I'm really glad that we were able to do an individual plan too — sooner than I would have guessed! It wasn't easy, but it really came together thanks to everyone's hard work. And it's always a good feeling to be able to grant a popular request like that. Definitely sign up for the free trial. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. ;)

  • I'm a bit confused that the FAQ lists automatic syncing is only available on the subscription model. What exactly does this mean? My current version of 1P syncs just fine.

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    @steve23094: Great question! You can definitely sync without a subscription, but most people wouldn't consider it "automatic" since it requires configuring each device individually for syncing. And in some cases it's necessary to tell it to sync (WLAN) or reconfigure it if something in your setup changes. With a 1Password Account, you just login. There is no step 2. :)

  • @dteare

    I wanted to add a comment about your newsletters. As I mentioned before, I haven't been around here recently because life and because not having any trouble with 1Password. Just using it. We love it. I have a family license with three using it.

    Before I came back to the AgileBits Support Forum and read through this entire thread, I had no idea there was such a thing as an opvault. Better than the older agilekeychain. I have no older versions of 1Password installed anywhere so I went ahead and converted. That also gave me the opportunity to move my 1Password data out of the root of my Dropbox account and into a more appropriate subfolder. Now I'll convert the rest of the family.

    It would have been useful to me if you had included information about the opvault and its advantages in one of your newsletters instead of leaving me to stumble upon it.

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    @RichBT: We definitely consider a lot more newsletters than those we actually send out, and it's a delicate balance: giving useful information that people are actually interested in versus the sort of emails I think we all receive that seem like more information than we wanted. And especially when it comes to more technical topics like vault formats there's a much smaller segment of our userbase that knows or cares about these things.

    I was just going to say "maybe in the future we could have a technical newsletter", but then I realize that's kind of what the DevBits posts on our blog (which we've been doing here and there for a while now) are exactly that thing...and nobody gets spammed. You can keep up with AgileBits and 1Password news by following us on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, and our email newsletter (which it sounds like you already subscribe to). Nothing spammy (or we wouldn't be having this discussion), always just useful 1Password tips and announcements.

    Thanks for the feedback on this. We'll continue to carefully consider what we email people and try to strike a better balance. We can't please everyone, but we can sure try. :)

  • @brenty

    Yes, I have subscribed to your email newsletter from the beginning.

    Perhaps I had the wrong expectations for the newsletter, which seems more oriented to "Look! Shiny new features!".

    I have added the AgileBits blog to my RSS reader subscriptions. Thanks for the link.

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